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Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Women On The Edge"

"Smokey, inviting Memphis soul-lite, purrs more than Joss Stone, shouts less than Aretha Franklin"

March 2007 - Philly EDGE

"WXPN's Helen Leicht 2007"

"she was amazing...what soul,
Powerful voice with great presence on always hope to be
that moved by a concert.
I did something I never do, i ran backstage and invited her to perform on my show the next day"

April 2007 - WXPN

"Debut Album Review, Mainline Today 2007"

Drawing Circles
Sharon Little (self-released)
Sharon Little can sing—that much (and more) is obvious on this self-released CD recorded at Milkboy Studios in Ardmore. But this part-time West Chester bartender can also write—and her command of the folk/pop/soul idiom comes with only the slightest hint of contrivance. Catchy without being derivative, Circles’ subtly expansive songs are the perfect vehicle for Little’s smokey-sweet vocals. - Main Line Today

"From a new fan"

Oct 16 2006 9:15 PM
Subject: Iota performance was superb......
Body: Dear Sharon,

I was at Iota this evening, sitting in the restaurant section across the bar. The bartender asked you for an album for me and you smiled across the two women in front of you and the stack of glasses.

You need to make many albums because people like me who don't even listen to music will want to hear you.

You have a voice one hears once in 20 years if we're lucky. There's no singer around that I'd want to hear more than your voice. (which is probably why I don't listen to music very often.) They all sound the same --like they were stamped out on a McDonalds' grille.

Not only can you sing. But moreover, you were given a unique and rich voice that can sound as wonderful soft as it does loud. It makes me feel as if I'm climbing a mountain and I can see that I'll make it to the summit.

I'm going to do my part to let people know about you.

The lyrics are special. Very, very special.

The first song I heard you sing actually hinted at a spiritual with a jazz feel to it. I can hear that in your rich, rich voice.

Best wishes,


- myspace fan


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The start: On a crowded broken down rush-hour train in Philadelphia, Sharon Little made her impromptu debut performance in front of 40 strangers. After a standing ovation, Sharon got names and numbers and thus started her loyal following.

The creation: In a one-bedroom apartment without a computer or television, Little has had to supply the entertainment. The entertainment (aka Sharons music) has virtually no influence from the outside music world, thus Sharon came up with her own sound - her own world.

The music: After the tragic death of her best friend, Miss Little wrote her first song entitled "Strong". Her infectious laugh and sunny smile give no indication of the faraway, dark and soulful places her songs reveal.

2 roads meet: In 2006, Sharon met songwriter Scot Sax who had just moved back to the East Coast from Los Angeles where his songs appeared in many movies including American Pie and covered by artists as vast as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as well as his own fronted band, Wanderlust (RCA). Sax was looking for someone to cover his new song "You Are A Song" and found his someone in Sharon. They hit it off creatively so well that they then set out to write an albums worth of material in a month.

The girl: When asked to describe what she's going for musically, Little replied "I want to last".
Listen to the music and see why that just may happen.

Is She a jazz singer? An acoustic singer-songwriter? A Diva? A soul artist? A torch singer? Sharon Little is all of these and none of these.