Sharon Lord

Sharon Lord


It's Foo Fighters meets Hole meets GoGos: guitar-driven gritty rock power pop that has something to say. It's high spirited, anxious and honest.


Born in Dallas and raised in Denton, Texas, Sharon Lord found music later than most.

She left her proper life in 1993 moving to Seattle from Mobile, Alabama. Inspired by all that was happening musically in the Northwest and after seeing Hole, she became obsessed with making a rock record. Six years after her first guitar lesson, she self-released "Beyond Tears". It was a powerful little rock record that received good reviews and college radio play.

Shortly after the record's release, Lord moved to San Francisco where she met producer David Schiffman (Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down) who liked the spirit of her first record. It proved to be a good musical match resulting in the first two songs for her new album "Come Back". The remainder of the tracks were recorded in Seattle co-produced by Lord and Ryan Hadlock (The Gossip, Black Heart Procession).

The songs range from Foo Fighters, Go Gos sounding guitar-driven power pop (Jaded) to KORN-influenced searing hard rock (Happiness) to the grand ballad Superhero which carries the full weight of the theme of the record which is the battle to find one's own grounding in life and our deep longing for those lost in their personal wars.

The record was mixed by Grammy-award winning engineer David Thoener (Courtney Love, Santana and Rob Thomas).

I'm not sure what sets us apart, but what we have to offer is engaging, high spirited, quality music.


1999 - Beyond Tears LP - received college radio play, KEXP and stations in Portland, Chicago and SF.

2006 - Come Back
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Set List

Jaded, Poppies, Disco, Beyond Tears, Happiness, Predator's Dream, Love Song, Power, Go with the Flow, Superhero, Broken Angel

About 40-45 minutes long