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Adult contemporary, a unique blend of soul, smooth jazz, R&B. "She is a perfect example why her genre is flourishing to the top! It's not only about the beatz, it's about soul music that comes from the heart and rhythm that can be felt among the masses. She is a true heart felt performer."


Born in England of Dominican parents but raised in Canada, where she has returned to live, Singer/Songwriter/Poet - Sharon Musgrave shot to prominence in 1991 whilst collaborating with William Orbit on the Bass-O-Matic project. They achieved international status with the hit “Fascinating Rhythm” (Virgin), which Sharon co-wrote. An album soon followed, cementing the group’s worldwide status as a credible dance act and Sharon’s ability as a writer. A world tour established Bass-O-Matic as an act that could cut it live, due in large part to Sharon’s stage presence. In a recent interview with the UK’s Record Mirror, William Orbit, (Grammy for Madonna’s “Ray of Light”), throws accolades Sharon’s way saying, “I don’t have to worry about playing live when I’ve got Sharon on stage with me, because she’s a consummate singer,” William adds “No worries, she’s done it all. The studio’s my home, the stage is hers!”

In 1992 Sharon was invited by WEA to work with jazz pianist Julian Joseph. She collaborated on the “Language of Truth” album singing the Curtis Mayfield song “The Other Side of Town”. This track was eventually used as the single from the album. The video for this track inspired a Teacher’s Whisky commercial, in which Sharon appeared, playing a blues singer in a 60’s bar scene, singing the classic “No Greater Love”. Sharon gigged with Julian promoting the “Language of Truth” album and touring with such jazz greats as Herbie Hancock.

Sharon’s studio work in England, both as a writer and session singer, led her to work with Courtney Pine, Maxi Priest, Tears For Fears, and writers, and producers, Terry Briton, Henry Priestman, Jimmy Haynes, Steve Harvey, Bom The Base, Phil Chill and Adrian Wyatt.

Her final collaboration in the UK before returning to Canada was in 1998 on the “Get in the Swing” album with Steve Alpert.

Since returning to Canada Sharon has enjoyed a successful solo career both live and on record. Her most recent Canadian solo release in 2002, “Selah” (Zosar Records) earned her two nominations, “Best Songwriter” and “Best Spoken Word”, at the prestigious Urban Music Association of Canada award show, held that year in Toronto. Jude Kelly, VP of UMAC claims “The title track “Selah” is especially brilliant”. The video for this track achieved top twenty status on the Bravo video chart.

Her latest international release “Nobody” is a track included on the groundbreaking CD “Soulfragettes”, (Recoup/Timewarp). This is a unique compilation of powerful R&B female singers. Sharon’s track, co-written with Adrian Wyatt of Ear to Eye, has been singled out for special attention, and is included on a number of other compilations one of which also includes Nora Jones, Simply Red and Coldplay.


Selah (spoken word)

Written By: Sharon Musgrave

When you look into her silence you will find a little creek
The water trickles on the opals and the pebbles comfort her feet
The forest trees chant melodies of bright ancestral songs
She smiles to herself pleasantly, in that place, where she belongs
Inward sings the sparrow dedicated and carefree
Here you have solved all else this your discovery
The velvet air breath speeches precious words that must be said
The message is clear, sincere, simple, and so her mind is fed
Enter with discipline renders the buttercup guarded by her bitter beauty
Your utopia is vulnerable, beware, this your duty
Render to us your motherly urge, to encourage and to care
Women of great ability speak, while they're here
An excursion to this place of hers, ordered by her temperament
is like a temple she built meticulously with love her only sentiment
Telepathy, soul, nature, a forth a sixth sense
this forms the composure of her temperance
This delicate reflection is the strength of her forbearing
This in all it’s magnificence, is the euphony we’re hearing
How did it internalize, this blessedness, haphazardly?
Tuneful are those notes, and chords and all those living harmonies
Promptly urging the childish clouds happy as they gaze
to send a few drops of secrets, this their gift, her praise,
In this her backdrop, a picturesque location of content
With love, bliss, without malice, this the place she’s sent
A freedom, so far away from scientific measures
there is stored her life, her dreams
in all it’s earthly treasures.

Down by H20

Written By: Sharon Musgrave,

Long ago in a place at high noon
The sun was hot
and the flowers were in full bloom
I was taking a long walk alone
That's when I saw him
I heard the sound of water in the distance
I was drawn to the power of it's existence
Off the road on a path through the trees
That's where the love begins
Reflections of memories of you
Now when I look into the water I see
Summer fun when we smiled at the world
That's how we use to be
Down by the water
Love is free and easy
I remember all the kind words
He had to say
I remember how he kissed
It took my breath away
How my lips were soothed
By his fingers
The taste still lingers
We left the journey of the calm
That we lived in
Silver drops on the tips of everything
Where the sun was silk on the skin
That's where the love begins
Reflections of memories of you
Now when I look into the water I see
Summer fun in spite of the world
That's how we use to be
Down by the water
Love is free and easy, easy
(Spoken word)
There is a river that flows
From the mountain of JAH
You know the one
Running under the bridge at Dublanch
Splashing against the rocks at Windblow
Inter twining through the green vegetation
Of the Layou valley
Peacefully through Pagua
And finally to Hatten Garden
At the river mouth by the sea
And if you need me
That's where I'll be

Down by the water
Love is free and easy


In The Realm
of the Senses (1990) Virgin Records

Get in the
Swing (1998) Hubbcap Records

Selah (2002) Zosar Record

Soulfragettes (2002) Recoup/Timewarp

Lounge 3 (2003) Dureco

Set List

The Set

Schedule: (3 X 45 min/sets) or (2 X 1 hour/sets)
(10 min set with 2 backing tracks)

(15 min. @ Poetry/spoken word)

The Sharon Musgrave Band
World renowned vocalist...
along with her new well respected 4 piece band, has been entertaining audiences for over 6 years now. This sophisticated ensemble offers a night of nu-soul-jazz, a fusion of soul, funk and jazz. With a extensive song list ranging from, smooth and funky originals, traditional Jazz standards, to the latest in smooth jazz, from Incognito, Jill Scott, to old-school soul jazz covers from Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield, Steely Dan that would have you up out of your seat and dancing. If you are looking for a smooth yet exciting array of music selection for your event, this act will provide perfect entertainment for almost any occasion, festival, club or party.

Sharon also appears occasionally with a 5 piece Reggae Band called The Riddim Riders,