Sharon Nutzati

Sharon Nutzati

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Sharon is an acoustic folk singer songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Her music has been called "Dallas Green for chicks", "something I've never heard before", and many other things, but what she always gets, is positive reactions from her songs and love and support from her fans wherever she goes.


Sharon Nutzati is a singer/songwriter from Thornhill, Ontario. Her sound is a beautiful blend of soulful acoustic guitar and powerful lyrics. her edgy tone and untraditional themes make for one loud spoken girl.

Sharon has been interviewed on SAY Radio, her song "Hero" has been on AM radio, and she has been featured in a segment on Community Connection on Rogers 10 Television. She was the winner in North Town Music and Art Wars, and she was a top ten contestant in the 2011 SASS songwriting contest. She has worked with artists Jeff Jones of Red Rider Blair Packham of The Jitters, and Dale Russel of The Guess Who, just to name a few.

Her EP "Stuck in Your Dreams" is available now on and is working on an upcoming EP as well as shows in Canada. Look out for this bright light coming to a stage near you!


I Am Fine

Written By: sharon nutzati

I would like to hang around
All those hiding places we found

And I would like to have you at my door
I wouldn’t mind if you came around like before

But I am fine
I’m doing pretty good on my own
Doesn’t mean I like being alone

And I would like to say your name
And not think what we could have been
I would take you back, well, if you asked
Because I am weak and I’m okay with that


People Single - Sharon Nutzati (Released January 28 2014, digitally)

I Am Fine Single - Sharon Nutzati (Released March 25, digitally)

Beautiful Things - Sharon Nutzati (Released May 6 2014)

Set List

*Set List May Vary

1) We're Only People
2) Music Box
3) Never Ending War
4) Hello
5) Afraid
6) Blindly Follow
7) How Stupid of Me
8) A Little Better (Paul)
9) Like A Bad Dream
10) April Showers
11) Hero
12) Stuck In Your Dreams
13) Orange