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"Black Label Reviews"

There must be something being added to the water in North America ... so many of the world's best vocalists hail from beautiful Canada and Sharon Paquette is joining the line.

Originally from Windsor, Ontario - she was up until recently a music teacher in Toronto. She is now based in Las Vegas where she hopes will enable to make the leap to artist.

From the opening cut on this 4 track EP you can hear that Paquette has a vocal to be reckoned with. It's powerful and honest which is rare in music these days. She really feels what she's singing about. "Good Things Are Gonna Happen" possesses a real Alanis Morissette or Meredith Brooks twang (it must be something to do with the Canadian accent) while "I'm Afraid" features a strong resemblance to Evanescence's Amy Lee.

The real magic starts to happens on track three, "Your Girl", which features a less forced - more mainstream pop/rock vocal. It's evident that Paquette is more at ease with style of song and it suits her so well. She could give Suzie McNeil a real run for her money.

But it's the last track on the EP, "I Won't Sleep Tonight", which has won me over and converted me into a fan of this great young artist. While I was impressed to this point - this is THE style that Paquette should be channeling all her energies into. Forget the latest trend - this classic acoustic styled heartfelt ballad is all she needs to make it in the music world. There is an urgency in her voice that gives this song the power to reach out and grab your heart with both hands and really move you. It sends chills up your spine! This song shows me that Sharon Paquette will make it as an artist if she keeps going in this direction.

Overall a great debut EP ... I'll be keeping my eye on the charts for this great new artist sometime soon ... now I have to get "I Won't Sleep Tonight" out of my head!!
Reviewer: Karen Waters
- Black Label Reviews - Karen Waters

"Out of nowhere..."

From out of nowhere I find a female vocalist that doesn't remind me of the two, or three stereotypical vocal styles that 95% of the female singers in the world attempt(and I'm being nice by saying "attempt") to emulate. Just wait until the rest of the world finds you! Considering that you also compose your own material, that time should be in the not-to-distant future.

Glenn Patrik
Mr. Blues Jr. - Glenn Patrik

"Powerful Women"


I'm in love with powerful women speaking/singing their truth. Your music feels so deep, it resonates in my belly. I love it! It's the kind of music I go to when I need to be reminded of my power, depth and purpose as a woman--when I need to feel the raw, gritty, poetic beauty of it all! Your voice embodies so much of your experience, and my own--and for me that speaks volumes. Thank you for this. It's stunning and such a gift.... I love you.

Jessica Serran - Jessica Serran

"School Alliance of Student Songwriters"

"You blow out of the water that absurd adage 'Those who can't, teach'! I'm glad that a fellow teacher is as talented and hard-working as you, and can't wait to hear the next exciting chapter of your singer-songwriter life!"

Artemis Chartier
Founder of the School Alliance of Student Songwriters

- Artemis Chartier



- Patricia Galipeau, Ontario, Canada

"Listening to you..."

“Listening to you gave me goose bumps. Especially ‘I won't sleep tonight’.”
- Sarah Parks, Ontario Canada


This first four-song demo was recorded at the acclaimed Armoury Recording Studios operated by producer Bruce Fairburn's family in Vancouver, B.C. Armoury Recording Studios has recorded successful Canadian musicians such as Avril Lavigne, Jann Arden, Bare Naked Ladies, Nickelback, Billy Talent and many more. The demo was produced by Don Mcleod, president of S.A.S.S British Columbia.



Angelic voices rise in harmony. You feel it in your core. Sharon wraps her voice around you and adds the soul. The down-to-earth sexiness that is every woman. She is reminiscent of Evanescence, she reminds you of Jewel, and then she moves you like Janis. Andrea brings harmony, as she sings beside Sharon tossing out tasty guitar licks that round out the sound of two sexy sirens singing to the Vegas night.

Sharon Paquette is a phenomenon, a classically trained opera singer who has turned pop icon. Andrea Bensmiller is her cool partner, an experienced music industry veteran who strokes, strums and smoothly takes the duo to a feel-good place. Her timing is impeccable as she places her raspy voice around Sharon’s passionate melodies.

Las Vegas is hearing these woman take your favorite song, spin it around and play it back to you as if the music sprung out of their very souls. The city of revisited themes is quickly queing up to lend its ear to the original songs, and cover song stylings of Sharon Paquette & Andrea Bensmiller.

Sharon Paquette - One of Las Vegas Weekly's top 5 singer/songerwriters - and Andrea Bensmiller - a producer/guitarist/vocalist with credits spanning LA stagework to film and television placements - team up in this duo. Blending everyone's favorite hit songs across all genres with their own original work, these babes kick up the party in a dance/sing along spirit that is rocking Vegas audiences.

The duo also offers mellow jazzy grooves and gentle harmonies for venues and events that desire a low-key show. These selections are tailored for dinner/cocktail parties and a more formal vibe.

Current and recent venues that have hosted the duo include BRAND Steakhouse inside the Monte Carlo Hotel, Via Brasil in Sumerlin, Sunset Station, and The Grape at Town Square. With years of performance experience, hundreds of songs to keep the vibe rolling, and a rocking energy that won't let up, Sharon and Andrea are the perfect choice for any party.