Sharon Tucker

Sharon Tucker


Janet Smith, writing for ‘Culture Watch,’ wrote, "….for the uninhibited, the power of Jamaican songstress Sharon Tucker’s voice welled tears in the eye. She sings about God and loving your brothers and sisters -- good values that are seldom practiced in this corner of the world."


Sharon Tucker sings with a sweet, distinctive tone within a voice that is synonymous of a family which includes singing legends like the classical singer Jimmy Tucker, her uncle, well loved and popular gospel headliner Junior Tucker, her brother, and gospel singer Nikki Tucker, her sister.

Sharon is blessed not only with Melody and well trained vocal chords, but savvy of the music world and understanding of the audiences she entertains. Her emergence has been both timely and diverse; she stands out as a performer. On her tour of South Africa with gigs in Durban and Johannesburg, she was described with headlines like “incredible” and her styling compared to a song bird.

For Sharon, performing live for celebrities is her forte - -whether it is for the Prime Minister's Gala for Ghanaian President, Agyckum Kufuor or Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Cuban President, Fidel Castro, and other Heads of State for the Caribbean, or if it be at the massive gatherings of her brothers and sisters, she takes it all in stride and usually makes a lasting impression.

Her tours have included the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa. Doing back up and stunts with the Soul Syndicate Band was one of her earlier exposes of the music in transition; there she gained a lot of experience. This is especially important because of the people in the gang at the time. Many megastars have emerged such as Melchezidek, the High Priest and journey man singer Freddy McGregor are just two. Sharon also did back up vocals with many veteran reggae acts like Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown, Andrew Tosh, Michael Rose, Junior Delgado, Judy Mowatt and Junior Tucker, to name a few. Her development has been sure.

Her solo career was only a natural progression to such an illustrious background. She moved on to a milestone in her career with the album "Pass It On." A work that is perennial as the evergreen and as the voice that covers it. While in London, she did singles for Jet Star Music. She was also featured as part of a compilation album for Adrian Sherwood with big names like Sinead O'Connor, Junior Delgado, Little Roy and several European and African contributions. She moved on to do an album for Junior Delgado, with whom she also shared the stage as she was an opening act for him on tour. Later she did a single named "Roll Over And Cry," written by Beres Hammond and her sister, Nikki Tucker for the Harmony House Label.

Sharon will continue to woo audiences with her wonderful voice, her gentle personality and her vast experience. Love her and be loved, listen to her and be wooed -- if even for as long as it takes for her performance to end -- one thing is for sure, you will remember that you heard her.


Album: Pass It On
Singles: Give A Little Love; Bungle A Money; Coulda; Moonlight Lover; Don't Stay Away