Sharon Valentine Rex

Sharon Valentine Rex


This is peaceful, healing, music to relax with, perfect for film or tv, soothing female voices, lyrics that make color and meaning. Organic sounds, renew and heal the spirit, will always be up to date. Very original. About hope, love, nature, breathes like an easy wind.


I have been writing since I was a child. I play several instruments, but mostly write on piano now. I started playing guitar and writing songs at age 10. Performed me and guitar until age 20, then put together bands with a writing partner Michael Casey-a great guitar player. Showcased to many labels. Got offers, turned them down. Went on my own, in 1984, sang on many other albums, while writing my first solo record, 30 or so. Recorded with top notch players and engineers. Offered publishing deal with movie company, turned that down. Got one song in a film, royalites of which paid for all 13 songs. Signed with a small label, had to back away, turned out I had alot more knowledge than they did. Floating now, writing all the time, need to record. Music always be written in my heart, mind, and on so many papers on my piano!
Always encouraging other songwriters along the way. Just the love of it, never goes away. I know I will take my seat in the heavenly choir one day! It's up to God.


Did first record in 1981
Single, "Falling Star" had college radio airplay in 1982. Music used for Valencia Home Intro center. 1995. Now new songs on regular airplay.

Set List

What a Kiss Can Do Wherever You Are
Something Good
Out of Order
Secret Lullabyes
Heaven or Hell
Nothing Come Between Us
By Your Side
Feels So Good
No Cars in Heaven
The Spring Song
Love and Beauty
Set is about 1 hour