Sharp Dressed Man

Sharp Dressed Man

 Overland Park, Kansas, USA

SHARP DRESSED MAN is the #1 ZZ Top Tribute Show in the US. This band does it right! The Texas Rock, Boogie and Blues, the beards, the cheap sunglasses, the fuzzy guitars, the outfits, and all the moves!!! A reproduction so close that you will think you just saw the real ZZ TOP.


Sharp Dressed Man is a hot trio that recreates the Texas boogie and hard rockin blues sound of that phenomenally popular lil ol' band from Texas - ZZ Top. At the same time, Sharp Dressed Man replicates ZZ Top’s style with the long beards, the fancy clothes, the fuzzy guitars, and stage props. To make the show complete, they include the funny antics, and the famous in-concert moves that make seeing the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers so memorable. That means that you will see a great show anytime you see Sharp Dressed Man.

Scott Willis was the originator of the group. Scott has long been a ZZ Top fan. "I spent countless hours playing along with my ZZ Top records while growing up". No doubt those vinyls were long ago worn out. Scott so loved playing those ZZ Top hits, that he decided to replicate it to a tee. He is best known for being able to play Billy Gibbon's guitar riffs note for note. His growling voice is a close match to Gibbon's as well. He is relentless about replicating the ZZ Top show, having spent countless hours studying video footage, and being creative in designing sets and props for the show, in addition to the stage moves and Billy Gibbon's banter.

Joining the group most recently is Max Tyler. Max is an incredible singer and bass player. He is recently returned to the Midwest from New York. He really enjoys road trips, meeting new people, and putting on a high energy, entertaining show. He is very much like Dusty Hill in his vocal ability. If you're a true ZZ Top fan, you know what that means. It means belting out songs like Tush, Jailhouse Rock, and Heard It on the X with power and ease. Incredible is the word!

J.B. Star locks the group in from behind the drums. J.B. has always been a huge ZZ Top fan as well, and was thrilled with the opportunity to join the group. He spends unbelievable amounts of time studying the ins and outs of playing Frank Beards parts. Again, the general public may not know just how complicated playing Frank's parts are, but musicians who have attempted it are often befuddled. "The real challenge is to be able to recreate the live beats that Frank threw down in the studio, because he started using a lot of drum machines versus playing a drum kit." But J.B. can make it happen. He is the glue that makes this three piece sound so big when live in concert.

Set List

Waitin' on the Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
Manic Mechanic
I Thank You
Heads in Mississippi
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Heard it on the X
La Grange
Pearl Necklace
Tube Snake Boogie
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Got Me Under Pressure
Rough Boy
Give it Up
Cheap Sunglassses
Sharp Dressed Man
Jailhouse Rock
Sleeping Bag
TV Dinners
Velcro Flag
Mexican Blackbird
Just Got Paid
Brown Sugar
Blue Jean Blues
She Loves My Automobile
Penthouse Eyes
Party On The Patio
Viva Las Vegas