Sharpe Entertainment

Sharpe Entertainment

 Temple, Texas, USA

Sharpe Entertainment is a mix of old soul, R&B and a little of old school rock and roll. Neal Sharpe is versatile, exciting and keeps the crowds entertained.

From dance tempos to slow jams, Neal keeps live crowds on their feet!


Neal Sharpe was born in Chicago, Illinois, and began singing publicly at the age of six and continued through his teens with various groups in and around Chicago. Neal realized his lifelong dream was to be an entertainer. Upon graduation from high school, Neal spends six years in the United States Army, including a tour in Viet Nam. After he fulfilled his military obligation, the spark of singing rekindled into a flame within Neal and the singing group "The Brothers' 7" was born.

The Brothers' 7 opened for renowned artists such as The Whispers, The Chi-Lites, Al Green, Beau Williams and War. Neal also opened as a solo act for Little Anthony and the Imperials, O.C. Smith, Phillis Diller, Little Joe, Billy Eckstine and The Drifters. Neal's solo act with The Drifters expanded into a tour and nearly overnight became one of The Drifters himself.

Neal toured with The Drifters from 1975 till 1977, singing 2nd tenor with the group and did lead on a number of tunes. Then, in 1980, Neal decided to start his own production company that released one album and three singles, one of which was received very well in London, England.


My Love Will - 2009

Memories - 2011

Old School Jamz - 2012

Looking Back I - 2009

Looking Back II - 2012

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