progressive new folk/accoustic music with lots of interesting things going on in it--smooth baritone voice.


I was born in Tyler, Tx. Grew up with my grandmother; here I was happy and well adjusted. At 8 years of Age I moved to Denver, Co., to live with my Dad. Soon after that things changed for me. My Dad became a Pentecostal born again type….so I did too. I went from being a happy well adjusted kid too a frightened peculiar kid. My religion was a hammer of strictness; filled with the love and togetherness but also a lot of rules that lead me too social isolation. At the age of 14, I moved back to Tyler to live with my Grandmother. Once Back in Tyler I became a complete iso-nerd uncool guy, I just did not fit in; My outlet from this reality became TV. I was not allowed to look at TV in Denver, so back in Texas I was transfixed by television…especially MTV. When I was 16 or 17 my Dad bought me my first guitar, and the rest is an extremely long “finding yourself film”. The current scene is a spiritually aware hardknocks kind of guy looking for a break.


sharsharkk song on and one two on myspace witch are downloadable. Few other lo-fi recordings.

Set List

I start from the top and go down. Standard tuning to d-tune and then progressive tune downs of d-tune till my last alt tuning which I guess a baritone tuniing. I have 35 or so songs so I can go over 2hrs ata time.