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"Dancehall Artist Sharp Shooter Gains Success"

Sharp Shooter (“Shoota”), a phenomenal local dancehall artist, is slated to perform at the Caribbean Tent Festival in New Brunswick, NJ on Sunday, August 24, 2003.

Shoota promises to give an energetic performance, as he will thrill the audience with some of his top tunes including “Moving Spectacular,” “What Happened,” and “Don’t Hate.” The all

day and night event, sponsored by the Homeless Empowerment Project/Community Action Team, will feature performances by nearly 30 acts.

The artist, best known for his husky voice, charming looks and “for the girls dem” lyrics, has spread his dancehall magic like wildfire.

Shoota’s earlier performances as 1/3 of the group MDK pushed him to the forefront of D.C.’s entertainment scene. And this year he has been making his mark as a solo artist.

Shoota has been on a high ever since his performance at Club Inferno in Montego Bay, Jamaica during Reggae Sumfest. There, he performed and received a great response from the crowd.

Additionally, Shoota has been in the studio working on new music. Fans can expect an EP from Shoota in 2003. - One Drop Promotions


Slide Up (single)
New Flow (single)
Name Brand Floosy



Let's get ready to rumble. If you want to war then put your dukes up for one of dancehall's lyrical assassins. He goes by the name of Double S. Sharp Shooter. By fans, he is simply called Shoota or Double S.

When you hear Sharp Shoooota Humm!with a rock stone baritone voice, you know that Shoota is near. His piercing style defeats any contender that approaches his pathway.

Shoota, whose birth name is Pierre Nicholson, represents dancehall music for all of his Jacadian (Jamaican/Canadian) massive. As a young teen, his family moved to Washington, D.C. from Canada. Shoota's diverse background makes his music unique and compelling. His signature for the Ladies Dem lyrics secure him a solid position in D.C.'s dancehall scene.

Shoota is the Barry White of dancehall. When Shoota graces the stage, he instantly captures the audiences attention and sends them in a frenzy with his lyrical versatility. Shoota's stage presence is moving and full of energy. It only gets better with each performance that he does.

While Shoota was a youth, his father owned a sound system called Ecology Force in New York. Despite these early ties to dancehall, Shoota did not answer dancehall's calling until his late teens.

I was musically born, says Shoota. But I found my gift late. While a youth, Shoota's seeds were deeply rooted in music.

Shoota's passion for music was sparked at the age of 16. He played a number of instruments and began to hone his musician skills as a young teenager. He wrote lyrics for local Jazz and Rock n Roll bands in his high school.

Finally, when sharpening his guitar skills, a friend told him that you can not truly experience guitar playing until you play the tunes of the late great Bob Marley.

Because of his love for the guitar, he played the Bob Marley tunes as suggested. At that point, his interest and passion for reggae music was born.

The same friend also persuaded him to use his writing abilities and his rock stone voice to develop dancehall music. And so, Shoota, the dancehall artist, was born. As he filled tablets with numerous lyrics, he developed a natural affinity to reggae music.

Shoota's first performance as a dancehall artist was in 1999 at a local college's Caribbean festival. His voice, his lyrics and expressive body movements thrilled the crowd.

His thirst for dancehall music became uncontrollable and it had to be quenched. After a number of solo performances, Shoota joined a DC based dancehall group, MDK. With this group, he sharpened his lyrical and overall skills.

Shoota opened for what reads like a who's who of reggae music including Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Mad Cobra, Bling Dawg, Lady Saw, TOK, Mega Banton, Merciless, Lexxus, Silver Cat, Tony Curtis, Spragga Benz and many others.

Shoota has also explored the soca circuit and has opened for soca favorites including Allison Hinds, Rupee, Kevin Little and KMC.

A year and a half-later, MDK was dismantled. Then, Shoota joined forces with dancehall artist Souljah Man and soca artist Terra B to form the Caribbean group, The D'Zel Clan.

The sky is the limit for Double S, as he currently performs solo and with the group. He believes in keeping all music avenues open.

Sharp Shooter continuously records versatile lyrics over the hottest riddims. He is featured on the Jaquzzi Record's compilation Round One and on the Dun Di Place mixed CD where he mashes up the place with songs such as Moving Spectacular and Shut Yuh Mouth.

In the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, he is best known for his songs,Gushy Stuff,What Happened to Dat Girl and Name Brand Floozy.

Shoota desires to become a mainstream entertainer, while continuing to bless other artists with his writing and production skills. Shoota is set to release 3 singles and album in 2004 on the Centron Sound label .

Double S is truly a dancehall shooting star in the making!!