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Born Shawn $ha Samuel of West Indian (Antigua Stand Up) parents. Youngest of 4 to 3 wild thorough bred brothers(My third oldest big brother Supreme Kaon God Allah-The Drama lord did 11 years in the penitentiary) raised in the notorious Brooklyn Section of New York City. $ha is from the same neighborhood that breaded many Hood Stars such as Shyne Po (formerly of Bad Boy Records, Busta Rymes, Flip Mode, Spliff Star, Special Ed, Mos Def, Talib Kweli , Fu-Shinkins, Full Force, Mad Lion, U.T.F.O, and many more. For all of you who do not know he goes by the name of $ha. $ha is highly gifted talented with a dedicated commitment to reality and truth. $ha's many delinquent and wild times on the streetz was due to many wars in the home of having 3 wild big brothers all reputable in the Brooklyn streetz. $ha has seen many moments of violence. $ha seen tramatic incidents of his brothers fighting and doing very unbrotherly things. $ha seen all of this at a young age. $ha has the strong out going personality and image as well as the ability to perform well. $ha loves to perform and express his creative ideas. Believability not manufactured. $ha has been through too much to be a fake. He was born in The Kings County Hospital and raised on the raw streets of Brooklyn and the gritty streets of Los Angeles. $ha has lived and learned many street experiences and is a consistent realist and truest. $ha got stabbed in the back while hustling in the streetz of L.A. $ha is down by law and definitely not new to this. $ha done it all. $ha been on the streetz since the age of 11. Suspended 8 times in Elementary school, suspended 3 times in Junior High School. and in the 11 th grade he showed he has many tru life experiences to speak on. $ha songs reflect raw hooded vocals with street wise knowledge and witty lyrics, strong melodies and infectious hooks.$ha is a realest and truest. $ha has that undeniable delivery with super star quality. Hands down $ha is a definite threat in the game and will inevitably have a long successful career. M.S.V Records Don Boss Productions Proudly Present $ha coming soon. A&R’s holla at me now or suffer later!


Down By Law