Self published (BMI) Bard Rock Americana singer/songwriter. A love for poetry & a blend of philosophy, mystery, politics, ecology & passionate love ballads. A definite Bard Rock style which emanates from his Dylan influence in his early years.


Shasta is a prolific songwriter and singer. Originally, from Connecticut, he began writing poetry when he was growing up in New England. By his teens, hearing Bob Dylan influenced him to turn his poetic efforts into songwriting. On a move to California to hone his musical skills he chronicled his journey in song with, “Chasin My Ghost”. There, he also became known as, “Shasta”, to those who knew him after a soul-searching quest upon that mystical mountain. On his return east during what he refers to as emotional weather, he penned the epic, “Cold New England Rain.” (these are included on this latest CD, "No More Smoking!" ) The title cut is a hilarious rant on smoking bans.

Shasta dives deep into a tapestry of Americana, with tongue in cheek lyrics accompanied by acoustic guitar rhythms and stinging electric guitar parts (provided by all the right people) to make his lyrics more meaningful and attention getting. One foot planted firmly in the roots of rock and the other in folk, he can be heard strumming his acoustic guitar and occasionally blasting his harmonica on his CD, but his main strength is in his lyrics. The songs are blends of philosophy, mystery and lonesome love ballads. The CD is self-produced and with an uncanny capacity, he brings together musicians that fit his style adding the final touches that keep you listening.

Shasta combines his musical influences with an unnerving need to tell the world how he feels about certain issues. Since the 90's, Shasta has been going strong, offering his musical prose to the burgeoning indie music scene. He is consistently receiving airplay in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. He’s traveled through 44 states playing open mikes and jam sessions in cafes, clubs, San Francisco Bay Area benefits, fairs & has appeared on stage with Joe Bouchard (of Blue Oyster Cult fame) who played and sang, “No More Smoking!” with him - one of Joe’s favorite Shasta tunes! Shasta received, "Golden and Silver Poets Awards", from the World of Poetry for his lyrics. At West Coast Bob Dylan Imitation Contests Shasta won First Place in 1990 and 1993. He is a member of BMI. Others who have inspired him include: Dire Straits, Warren Zevon, Jewel, Arlo Guthrie, The Clash, and even Snake River Conspiracy!

In the words of this passionate Bard Rock Poet: "As the vidiot screens - control our dreams - marines die on foreign shores - And I swear I saw phantoms dressed in black at America's back door - Oh, say why can't you see?"


"No More Smoking!" (RADIO EDIT)

Written By: Shasta ©2004 by Shasta & Mountain Thunder Music (BMI)

1. Well, if you wanna die chokin' - you're not gonna do it with smoke!
Why don't I just wrap my little hands around your little throat? -
No More Smoking!-
No More Smoking in this town -
No More Smoking at Cousin Larry's-(insert any venue name)
No More Smoking at Widow Brown's!
2. Well, if you wanna die smokin'- you're not gonna do it 'round me-
You see we got these things called liberals from sea to mercury sea-
No More Smoking! -
No More Smoking anywhere!- We're the anti-nicotine nazis and we're here to keep the smoke out of your hair!-
(chorus) No More Smokin' in the Cafes-
No More Smokin' in your room-
No More Smokin' in the factories-
I still smell your cheap perfume!- No More Smokin' in the White House-
No More Smokin' big cigars-
No More Smokin' on the TV-
& you probably can't smoke on Mars!-
3. Well, I ain't sayin' it's healthy- Yeah, I'll probably die from it-
But just give me one little bar where I can imbibe in it!-
No More Smokin'! No More Smokin' in this pure world!-
After all you might influence-an innocent boy or girl!-
4. (Repeat first verse)
(Final Chorus)- No More Smokin' in the Poolhalls-
No More Smokin' in your own tomb-No More Smokin' at a concert-
Are all our freedoms doomed?-
No More Smokin' while you're drinkin'-
No More Smokin' while you pee- Well, I sure do feel so lucky to be so freakin' free!-
Yeah, I sure do feel so lucky to be so freakin' free!

Cold New England Rain(RADIO EDIT)

Written By: SHASTA ©11-23-2004 by Shasta & Mountain Thunder Music (BMI)

1.) Reality sets in - and time slips right on by -
Ain't no comfort for the loss - burning in your eyes -

Why does it have to be that way - Life suckin' and then dyin'? -
They can pacify with pity - But that won’t stop the pining -

Sometimes there’s a passing pleasure - Awe, but even that don’t stop the pain -
And there's nothin' - no there's nothin' - under that dark gray sky -
sadder than the patter of that cold- cold-cold - New England Rain -
That cold- cold-cold - New England Rain -

As I glance up toward the steeple - it's cluttered up with birds-
All I hear is silence - in between the words -
And here I stand half naked - in the middle of the storm -
I feel like I'm getting ancient - waiting to be born -

All the answers have been eaten - by the keeper of the flame -
And there's nothin’ - no there's nothin' - under that dark gray sky -
sadder than the patter of that cold- cold-cold - New England Rain -
(Cold- cold-cold - New England Rain)

Well, the wind blows hard and cold - the frost is on the lawn -
The roses have been eaten - by the reaper before dawn -

And it don’t get any easier - the more time that passes by -
The times just get longer - between the times I cry -

As I walk among the tombstones - the epitaphs they sting -
I taste the salt of tears - Nah! A hollow bell won’t ring -
You can chase your dreams ‘til sunset - but still end up dressed in black -
I’m lost in my past years but I - can’t get any of them back -

Oh, you can’t run toward the future - while you trip down memory lane -

And there's nothin' - no there's nothin' - under that great big sky -
sadder than the patter of that cold- cold-cold - New England Rain -
That cold- cold-cold - New England Rain - (repeat last 4 lines)

Little Fugitive

Written By: SHASTA ©1986 BY SHASTA & Mountain Thunder Music (BMI)

1.) Ah, Little Fugitive - emerald eyes so green -
Dangling o’er a cliff - caught smack in between -
A rock and a man of heat who nearly started a feud -
But I was impressed when I met her even though she kept
callin’ me dude - (back-vocal)-“Hey, dude!” -
Well, there’s a moon at the heart of a woman - who’s arrows
strike leaving battlescars - while you’re passing through the
universe can I help you count the stars? - Can I? Can I? Ohh -

2.) She had electrical hair - like silk on fire -
She’s surrounded by fences of fate, heat and barb wire -
Now she’s run out of breath - and safe havens to hide -
From the madmen out there - and the woman burried so deep inside -
She’ been screamin’ to escape from - a land that pretends it’s still free - Is she just a lonely voice in exile - barking up a long dead tree? -
Ah, tell it to me -

(bridge) Well, there’s tyrants knitting chains - while the widows are
planting flowers - prisoners of passion - prisoners of power - Wo-
Oh - Oh -

3.) Oh, you give all you got - then you give a little more -
Then you finally give up - ‘cause you’ve evened the score -
Payin’ for goods that were spoiled - by the ways of a wicked world -
In back alleys and bushes - she’s just a scared little girl -
She’ been tied up and messed with - tried and tested for truth -
Ah, Little Fugitive from in-justice - don’t let them steal you’re youth -
Ah, no -

Ah, Little Fugitive - I want to hold you tonight -
Little Fugitive - I’m holding the light - Da - da-da-da - la - da-da-da -
Little Fugitive -

America's Home Town

Written By: Edward W. "Shasta" Bates

America’s Home Town © by Shasta & Mountain Thunder Music (BMI)

1) Oh, say can you see? - That sometimes you’re the victim of a game you’re forced
to play - And the tables turn and ask, “can you accept some pain today?” -
Is that puppeteer still pulling strings a ringmaster or clown? -
Or a demon masquerading in America’s hometown? -

2) Oh, say can you see? -
Oh, say can you see the breakers - at the beaches - caressing nature’s shore? -
Or are the waves a-poundin’ upon you’re silent greenback door? -
Oh, how’s your ex-miner grandad doin’? I guess he don’t get much sun -
He’s livin’ in a coal mine of America’s black lung. -

3) Oh, say can you see? -
Your sister, she worked with chemicals - ‘til her head looked like her knee -
And your mother she inspected microchips - and now she’s spectacled just to see - Oh, how’s your foreman father who oversaw the dumping of those deadly shards? - Oh, is that health food glowing in America’s backyard? -

(bridge) - Oh, the words that rhyme with the winds of time are spoken everyday. -
But, can the words I shout - inspire her doubt - before she’s blown away? -

4) Oh, say have you seen the planets? - Oh, haven’t you seen the papers? -
Oh, haven’t you seen how the po-lice cars are chauffeuring away the neighbors? - As the vidiot screens control our dreams, marines die on foreign shores - and I swear I saw phantoms dressed in black at America’s back door -
Oh, say why can’t you see? -

It Won't Reach (My Hose Won't Reach)

Written By: Edward W. "Shasta" Bates

It Won’t Reach! (My Hose Won’t Reach!)
© by Shasta & Mountain Thunder Music (BMI)

1. I was workin’ on my car and I needed a wrench -
so I yelled to my new neighbor over the fence -
I need a one size fits-all perfect monkey wrench for my nuts -
Well, she said her name was Eve - can you come & plant some seed -
I said, My hose won’t reach! -
My hose won’t reach! - Yeah, my hose won’t reach! -
She said I’ll give your car a push - if you come & water my bush -
I said, My hose won’t reach! -

2. Well I said I’m really pleased - to meet you Eve -
And your garden of Eden - is surely ripe for eatin’
She said she needed a man - real good with his hands -
To help her wash the fuzz off her peach -
Well I’d surely like to oblige - but I worry ‘bout my size -
Yeah, my hose won’t reach! -
Well, my hose won’t reach! - My hose won’t reach! -
There ain’t nothin’ you can learn - if your small like Howard Stern -
And your hose won’t reach! -

3. Well, I helped her with her ho’ - and I let her hold my hose -
She pulled it and she twisted it - She squirted all her rows -
I said I hope after all this stretchin’ - I don’t spring a leak -
She said if you can’t take it - You can always try and fake it -
(or, “you can always try an’ shake it”)
If your hose won’t reach! -

My hose won’t reach! - My hose won’t reach! -
If you feel like a (little) hobbitt - just be glad she didn’t bobb-it -
so your hose will never reach! - Oh, yeah! -
Your hose won’t reach! - No! Your hose won’t reach! -
She said if you can’t take it - You can always try and fake it -
If your hose won’t reach! -


1 New Album CD - "No More Smoking!" (Re-mastered Bonus Edition) Now @ & ITunes!

Airplay: U.S., Australia (ILR), Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK & more.

"America's Home Town" now on out of Nashville.

1 45 rpm single on vinyl - “Little Fugitive”
1 song (Stronger Than The Storm) on Rodell Record's, "Sounds From The Undergound",
(A Various Artists compilation CD)
1 Album CD -"Stronger than the Storm"
1 Album, "Modern Fixations"- LP Now on CD @

Set List

Most sets are about half Original & half covers by Dylan, Maria McKee, Warren Zevon & Traditional. Sets are 30-60 minutes, depending on the gig.
Original songs include:
1. Whistlestop Lifetime
2. Stand Back! Drop Down!
3. Outside My Window
4. Be The Jester/Be The Fool
5. America's Home Town
6. When The Wick Burns Down
7. Brave New Blues
8. Most On Broadway Voice Of An Angel
9. Little Fugitive
10. Apache Tears
11. Happily Ever After
12. No More Smoking
13. Modern Fixations
14. Sword Of Demacles
15. My Hose Won't Reach!
16. America's Child
17. Silicon Heartland
18. Beyond A Moment Of Truth
19. Murder Town
20. Cold New England Rain
21. The Outsider
22. From Memphis To Heaven
Covers include:
1. Mutineer - (Warren Zevon)
2. Things Have Changed
3. Highwater
4. Boots Of Spainish Leather
5. Can't Wait
6. Senor
7. Man In The Long Black Coat
8. Absolutely Sweet Marie
9. Simple Twist Of Fate
10. Hurricane
11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12. Cry A While
13. Loves