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"New Band Alert, Shatterstone"

"This is one really good new band! I recently saw them at the Rustic Frog. It's kinda like Metallica meets C.O.C in a melodic heavy rock/metal style. Great Vocals, great guitar playing, the dude on lead smokes. I think I liked every song and for me, that's rare. Nice guys too. No attitudes. Check them out at"

Eddie Metal
Louisville Music News
July 2005 - Louisville Music News, Eddie Metal

"New Blood Edition"

"Shatterstone is a brand new metal band I see doing real well...Power ballads, rocking anthems, excellent vocals and all-out blues rock riffing from hell. Shatterstone has the "I don't give a f**k" attitude. It's not about trends or trying to be a part of the scene. It's all about the music. And it shows."

Eddie Metal
Louisville Music News
October 2005 - Louisville Music News, Eddie Metal

"Shatterstone CD Now Out:"

"...I know music and receive tons of CDs even from other states. I've heard 'em all. All music types. Therefore I know that Shatterstone is a super talented band that writes very well. Bluesy, heavy, melodic and ripping solos rarely heard in original rock these days. That's the heart of Shatterstone.

The vocals of Ricky Payne always impressed me, even when I had first heard them last summer at the Rustic Frog. I was like "Damn ...I gotta get those guys to play the Hill." The new six-song CD is entitled The Hard Goodbye and starts out with one of the best songs, "Nothing's Real." A hell of a tune, with an excellent guitar solo and memorable lyrics. The second song goes off into a mellower style, but builds up to show off some killer bass plucking. The songs "Tsunami" and "Liar" are both anthemic rockers with a good pounding rhythm, implementing good catchy choruses. The song "Misery" is one sad depressing song. But it's good. The title track is a all-out, balls-out rock burner of a tune. Very catchy, doomy sounding, Sabbath-y riffage on the guitar. Pretty powerful stuff.

I like how the band really lets the bassist go to town, while not drowning everyone else out.. There are some serious Black Sabbath-influenced guitar on here, which is a good thing!"
- Louisville Music News, Eddie Metal June 2006


Our new album The Hard Goodbye is in production and will be released in mid April



Shatterstone is made up of three brothers (Reggie, Ricky, Robbie) and Bryan Warman. The band got its start in 2003 when two high school acquaintances, Reggie and Bryan, ran into each other at a bar. They began playing in Bryan’s garage and from there, began searching for other members to fill out the band. Having played with his brothers before in a band called Awake, Reggie convinced Ricky and Robbie to join with him and Bryan to fill the positions of lead guitar and bass. Ricky took the mantle of singer only after Shatterstone realized that he was better fit for the position than any they had auditioned.

To the band themselves, Shatterstone is three brothers and a high school friend doing what they love and striving to achieve their dream. To many, they are quickly becoming the premier hard rock band in the region. Emotionally charged and energetic live shows continue to grow the buzz that surrounds Shatterstone.

Over the past two years, Shatterstone has been recording their debut album, The Hard Goodbye. Pouring every ounce of blood, sweat, and determination they possess into the album, Shatterstone self-produced and recorded The Hard Goodbye in a studio they built themselves. The album is fully loaded with six hard hitting songs that are just a sample of what the band has written.

Shatterstone now has landed several endorsements by major companies including Washburn guitars and Seymour Duncan pick-ups. Talks have also begun with Rotosound strings for a possible endorsement. Watch our website for further updates.