Shatter This World

Shatter This World



Based out of the Boston Area, the members of Shatter This World are finally in a place they want to be. Adam Gallagher, Mark Cochran, Jon Ballard, Ricky Murry and Dan Stetson were all previously in bands that have not worked out the way they had planned. Looking to the future however, the five members began collaborating in late 2006 to form the beast that is known as Shatter This World. With a devastating live performance, this straight up, in your face metal act is sure to knock you to the ground. With their high aspirations and growing fan base, Shatter This World is a force not to be messed with.

Set List


Theses Chains(4:36)

Broken From Self(3:05)

Wasted Life(2:35)


Lost in My Mind(4:47)

Final Judgement(4:06)