Fredericton, New Brunswick, CAN

Shattick is a band with a passion for the stage. The combination of many genres of music creates a very original sound. Each song is written with an entirely new vision that seperates it from the rest. A good show is always a guarantee as their true home in in the pressence of an audience.


Along with each member comes a variety of musical influences from acoustic, jam band and classic rock, to the heavy metal scene. Shattick fuses powerful vocals with creative and original instrumental components to create a sound that has never been experienced before. Shattick is guaranteed to always put on a good show as their true home is in the presence of an audience.

Shattick has recently released their E.P entitled Taking Over which can now be found on Itunes. They have also recently released a music video for the hit song "Hollow".
Although currently unsigned, Shattick is in search of a record label to call home.

"Shattick are SERIOUS!"

"These ambitious guys make a great unit. Well crafted original songs are a joy to listen to. Their first studio recording went off like clockwork. They were well rehearsed and knew what they wanted. It's a pleasure to work with a focused band even if they joke around a lot, the music always came first and a great product is the result."

-Mike Boyer: Owner/Operator of Lancaster Studios

The following is an article that appeared on news:

"Shattick was formed in late November by front-man Dustin Ellis, and bassist Ray Thomas. After experiencing the ups and downs of being in a band, and knowing how soon a band could fall to pieces, they decided to change things up a bit. They found lead guitar player, Josh Pattison, with another former member of another band, drummer, Ryan Sprague . With each member, came along different styles of music, from the heavy metal scene, all the way to the classic rock era. Fusing powerful vocals with harmonizing guitar riffs, and intense solos, Shattick is a band that's sure to put on a good show."

Influences Include:

Alter Bridge
Alice in Chains
Led Zeppelin

And many more...

2010: "Taking Over" E.P

2010: "Hollow" Official Music Video

2011/2012 " Conflicts & Friendships"

Dustin Ellis - Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals
Josh Pattinson - Lead Guitar Backing Vocals
Ryan Sprague - Drums
Ray Thomas - Bass

2010: "Taking Over" E.P

2010: "Hollow" Official Music Video

2011/2012 " Conflicts & Friendships"


2010: "Taking Over" E.P

2010: "Hollow" Official Music Video

2012: New Album

Set List

(Original Material)
Get Down
Mike Got Stoned
Where is Heaven
Until The Fall
Say Never
Its Not Over
Oh well, Oh well
Growing up
Where you allegience lies
For the people who love me

plus several covers