Shaughn Paul

Shaughn Paul


With inspiration from such as bob dylan and elliott smith, i provide a low key, ambient atmosphere and poetry in my lyrics as well. Can't figure out a genre except acoustic. I leave it to the listeners to interpret my songs.


i believe the most powerful influence you can provide to a crowd of hungry listeners is one man and one guitar. People listen to just you, just your guitar and just how they merge into one tight sound. With a Band there is so much to take in and so much to interpret and listen to. With myself i can just talk to the crowd through my lyrics and provide a one on one experience for myself and for the crowd. its not just about what you're playing but how you can influence the listeners and have them walking out with an alternative mind set then when they came in. Id rather have a crowd of interested, shapeable, people that can really listen than a crowd full of roaring fans. Like a game of catch, ill throw something out there and hopefully they will throw it back. thanks


Rushing winds

Written By: shaughn paul

what can i do, what can i say?
stop time and take you on a walk through suspended snow.


Ep - 2008
Ep - 2009
(tentative) Album - 2010

Set List

About 30 minutes 7 or 8 songs:
Rattle Bones
Die Another Day
Good Times
Rushing Winds
She Thinks
Turkey Hill
Waste Away
Slept Awake
Stirring Up The Lake