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Shauna Burns

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Celtic


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"Beautiful Cascading Piano Keys"

"Beautiful cascading piano keys drip on the opener and then Shauna’s ethereal vocals come forth like a brimming cup of coffee. ...Shauna Burns allows her singing voice do the talking as she whisks us away with wispy and insightful lyrics. Pouring the emotions out on the table she casts a magical net... for a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect." -

"Wild I know, but fresh, fearless and free."

"Every Thought is about every conscious thought - coming from an unconscious place to a conscious one," says Burns. Yes, that's it exactly. Her acoustic piano-driven music is very stream of consciousness, emotive and moving. Its power calls for your willingness to suspend thought, to free-float on this stream of thick beautiful sound and let it take you as it wills. Even when the lyrical intention is clear, Burns deliberately chooses to phrase the words in such a way as to strip them of conventional meaning, challenging you again to let go, to follow her down a mad rabbit trail of melodic sound, free-falling into your own mind. Wild, I know, but fresh, fearless and free." - Kevan Breitinger,

"She draws you in"

"There are a small number of artists who are able to convey pure emotion and inspire through an intense passion that emanates from his or her voice, Shauna is one of those artists. She draws you in, embraces you, and makes you feel as if you are apart of the journey of which her songs create." - Fanbolt

"Mystical and Ethereal"

"The music is mystical and ethereal - I found it very enchanting. Shauna's vocals are the key element that completes the circle for each track. Burns sings about squirrels dancing around in your head, fairytales, ghosts, and Celtic castles. Whatever she is singing about, it always seems to fit the music just perfectly, and the timing lyrically is impeccable - supported by spotless musicianship." - Keith 'MuzikMan' Hannaleck

"Moving and Intense"

"There is no doubt that Every Thought contains a dynamic energy in its complex blend of sounds and striking lyrics. Shauna has a unique style of singing, and combined with her virtuoso piano instrumentals, she has put together an album that is moving and intense." - Musical Discoveries

"Brilliant Piano"

"Her brilliant piano playing on tunes like 'Tumbleweed' and the softness of 'Magic' prove that she destined for stardom. Her soft voice floats with the music like clouds in a perfect blue sky. I highly recommend this album for all music lovers." - The Celebrity Cafe

"Phenomenal Talent"

"Shauna Burns is a phenomenal talent, and the music on this album will take any listener on a journey that will connect one’s inner soul to the universe. As her piano playing swirls and crests, her pure voice soothes and almost blesses with innocence as you travel from the embryonic stage to the peak of growth." - Southwest Blend

"Master of the Instrument"

"Shauna Burns has spent untold time at the keyboards to make the instrument a conduit of her rather than her a master of the instrument. This is where you separate the prodigies from the technically brilliant. On her album, the Moon and the Fire Circle, she creates 14 songs that are extensions of her." - Matt Rowe, Music Tap

"Anamnesis: Five-Star Recommendation"

Fans of Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Amy Lee of Evanescence may find similarities but Burns fuses cascading piano and a dynamic voice to come across as slightly more uplifting while remaining genuinely sincere. There is a semblance of broodiness and the lush arrangements to be expected of fans of her peers, but Shauna Burns stands ably on her own and this EP is a definite five-star recommendation. Give it some alone time and immerse yourself in it and realize just how special Anamnesis is. - Brooke Horrocks, Sonic Jive

"Absolutely Awesome"

"One Word. It starts with an 'A'. Awesome. This CD is absolutely awesome. Eerie at times, ecstatic at others. The lyrics tell a story that twists and turns through the brightest of melodic lights to the darkest lyrical corners, and then, just like that, it compels you back into the light. The musical highlights are cryptic and almost chilling piano pieces." - Chel, Spinnaker and Lena


'Anamnesis' ~ 2009
track listing:
A Letter
Driving Far
So Tell Me...

'The Moon and the Fire Circle' ~ 2008 Radio Singles:
track listing: Around you
Bloom Bloom
Desert Sun
The Caribbean Sea
Failed You
The Slow Process of Shutting Down
Around You
And Fire
When the Rain Comes

'Desert Tune' ~ 2006
track listing:
Gotta Get Ahead
Cowboy Song
I'm Dirty

'Every Thought' ~ 2005 Radio Singles:
track listing: Pink Girl
Ghosts & Vampires Petunia
Castle in my Cloud
Pink Girl
Pattie Cakes
Camelot's Waiting



Anamnesis is pianist/singer/songwriter Shauna Burns' next work released under Red Rock Music in April 2009. This 5 song EP is the continuation of The Moon and the Fire Circle and the next step in her musical journey. Anamnesis, which means 'recollection' or 'remembrance', focuses on the senses that live in our memories. 'Music is a trigger for things we remember,' Shauna explains. 'Each of the songs on Anamnesis represents one of the senses.' The first song on the EP is titled 'Smell' ...its reference is obvious. 'A Letter' embraces the gift of sight, 'Wind' references touch, 'Driving Far' taste, and 'So Tell Me...' our sense of hearing. The new album is full of Shauna's trademark piano and vocals, James Clark on drums and percussion, Steve Lemmon on guitar and bass, Ryan Tilby on mandolin and dobro, Kiley Astle on violin and Steve Nelson on cello.

Shauna's latest release in 2008, The Moon and the Fire Circle, was a fusion of the dark and light sides of the soul. It was a journey from the light to the dark and back to the light again. The Promise Live cheers: 'With her ethereal voice, spacious arrangements and lots of piano, you can't help but become enchanted with The Moon and The Fire Circle.' And Southwest Blend acclaims that 'Shauna Burns is a phenomenal talent, and the music on this album will take any listener on a journey that will connect one’s inner soul to the universe.' The journey continues...

Shauna's ethereal vocals and beautiful piano developed while growing up in Miami, Florida. Inspired by her mother's love for the piano, her songwriting thrived and when she headed west for college her music met cheers and enthusiastic recognition. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Anthropology at the University of Utah, Shauna spent a year in Europe preparing her debut album. Released under Red Rock music in 2005 Every Thought was the foothold that lifted this talented pianist and singer to critical acclaim. 'Beautiful cascading piano [and] ethereal vocals… a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect.' States Shauna's songwriting extension to Every Thought was her 2006 follow up EP release entitled, Desert Tune.

Shauna has embarked on multiple vigorous tours since 2006 with over 75 shows and appearances stretching from coast to coast in the U.S. and the U.K. More tour dates will be announced for 2009.

'Around You', the first single from The Moon and the Fire Circle, reached number 7 on the FMQB AC Chart, was one of WCH Radio's 'Top Songs for 2008' and reached number 1 on 'Song Vault Radio'. The Moon and the Fire Circle was selected 'Best of 2008' by Collected Sounds and The Promise Live. Radio Crystal Blue also chose Shauna as one of the 'Top Recording Artists of the Year 2008'.

Shauna's debut CD, Every Thought was selected as one of the Top CD's of 2005 by Collected Sounds and the single, 'Pink Girl', was chosen as the number 1 single from the MAACP show. The album was chosen for 'Best of the Batch' from the Music Industry News Network and featured on, Billboard, VH1, Artist Direct, AOL Music, Fox TV and countless others.


Chip Schutzman @ Miles High Productions
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James Clark @ Red Rock Music
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