Shaun Bartlett

Shaun Bartlett

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

"Shaun Bartlett released his debut Sometimes Divided in 2006, which was a positive experience whilst also adding something new to the Norwegian music scene. Not it's wierdness, but because it was simple, yet such brilliant pop music. Shrink The City To A Light also has this strength." -Musikknyheter






With a brand new single just around the corner, an EP on the way + a new album in it's writing phase, exciting times lie ahead! Also, Shaun Bartlett and his new and inspired live band are ready to do shows wherever your gut feeling should take them. Given the right cooperations and bookings, singer/songwriter Shaun Bartlett really has something to add to another great year of music!

- the Toothfairy label

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Shaun Bartlett. A familiar name around Norway and certain other parts of the world. A growing base of loyal fans. Even cult status in certain environments. Meanwhile, somehere else ... "Shaun who?"

If you're not familiar with this artist or just haven't seen him perform yet, you may still be one of many that have heard his music on the radio, various TV shows, commercials or a handful of films ... well, if you've been through Norway in the last couple of years that is. Something we, the fans, the artist himself and his live band feel they are ready to expand on. Films include award nominee film director Eva Dahr's adaptation of world best selling author Jostein Gaarder's "The Orange Girl", where three songs were included for the soundtrack and published in Norway, Spain and Germany.

Multi-instrumentalist Bartlett has a convincingly natural poetic expression both lyricaly and melody wise, and the music he writes, performs and produces lives in a pop landscape with a thick foundation of heart and integrity. That his music is not more well known is, to those who have heard it, quite the mystery. For there are fans out there who really have discovered Bartlett's talents. During 2010 incoming fans from Germany, Spain, Russia, Australia and the United States experienced Shaun Bartlett and his band live, as well as a one-off reunion with his old hardcore alibi Yelp (1995-2005). We predict a bright and more official future for Shaun Bartlett and his music in 2011/2012. About time, according to some ...



Sometimes Divided (2006)
NORWEGIAN DEBUT WITH SOUL ... "It may very well be that we have received this Autumn's strongest debut already. Shaun Bartlett reveals song after song that he creates pop with soul, and that's something not too many people do anymore. Shaun Bartlett sings incredibly well, and may for example be described as a less "whining" Tom McRae. Evil tongues might describe the music as a less pompous Keane with far better songs, but even such modifications are not enough, Bartlett is in fact a completely different league. Shaun appears as an earthy music lover who knows for himself that everything has not been sung and described with words and tones yet. Bartlett simply knows he has something to contribute, and we can only hope that many take the time to discover that he actually is spot on!" - SIDE2

Shrink the City to a Light (2008)
SIMPLE, YET GENIOUS POP MUSIC! ... "Shaun Bartlett is a relatively unknown artist so far. He released his debut Sometimes Divided in 2006, which was a positive experience whilst also adding something new to the Norwegian music scene. Not because it was so incredibly wierd or anything, but because it was simple, yet such brilliant pop music. This can also be found on Shrink The City To A Light. An art Shaun Bartlett has learned is to create catchy and interesting melody that drives you through the songs in a very satisfying way. And the small, simple riffs in the songs make them even more listener-friendly. As on previous albums he dares to play with new melodies, and it works very well! Already in the first song, Secret Mission, we hear how he manages to build up a song and keep it interesting throughout. Another thing to highlight is Shaun Bartlett's voice. It is interesting and can be rather melancholic. In the opening song, Secret Mission, you hear how good it sounds. he can be melanchlic, but he can also write great happy and up-tempo tunes such as Timetraveling, where the horn section does it's job perfectly." - MUSIKKNYHETER (Music News)

Show on tour (solo) in Norway, 2010
A CONCERT MADE TIME STAND STILL ... "At the risk of sounding overly pretentious "magical" is barely enough to describe a night like this. The audience gave itself to the music naturally and the artist's supply of everything from melancholy to stand-up brought all kinds of tears to the eye. One of the highlights was Shaun Bartlett's "Silk" in a



Written By: Shaun Bartlett

Trying to say the right thing to say, but
it's one of those where nothing will amount to such
Staring at you looking away
Holding back when nothing else exists
I wouldn't say it's easier
when you really really want to much

But we say "do me no favours"
It's the lie of the century

Chorus: Silk is best made out of skin
Yours is hard to do without
Even harder to stay within
We'll get rid of doubt
You know what I would do if I could send for you

Trying to feel the way that you do
it's not that I wouldn't, but it's happening inside you
I could say anything else would do for anything else secure
I'll stare you down but I'm looking for more
It's not easier
when you really really want too much

But we say "do me no favours"
I'll take care of my own
Do me no favours
It's the lie of the century

Chorus: Silk is best made out of skin
Yours is hard to do without
Even harder to stay within
We'll get rid of doubt
We'll get rid of doubt
We always do, we always do

Secret Mission

Written By: Shaun Bartlett

Secret Mission

Night arrives like it's a winning plane
covering the emptiest sky
so we can act surprised again

Can't help but wonder would you notice
although I would have no shame
If time was in my pocket
I would stop it
Kiss you when you blink

Chorus: Maybe you should tell nobody of this secret mission
until somebody might say your eyes have got a new spark
As a favour to the stars,
a favour to what you are,
your soul could leave your body just for now

So we touch
So we feel
so we know what is real
You don't seem to know yet
that I'm wondering still

Maybe you'd better send your men to the towers
I'll be coming in soon
Armies move faster in ones,
said the bullet to the whole platoon
I'll be coming in soon

Chorus: Maybe you should ...

There will be no one harmed
No, no, no one harmed
But you need the evidence
You don't have the evidence
for this to be your new favourite thing


Shaun Bartlett is currently working on a new single, an EP + his third solo album.

Sometimes Divided (2006)
Shrink the City to a Light (2008)

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Yelp - Yelp (Recorded 1995-2005/Released 2010)
Container - Container (2011)

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Kong Vinter I (2003)
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