Shaun Billz

Shaun Billz

 Ames, Iowa, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Our music is fresh and it streams from our originality. Our Music is music that everyone can relate to. The more you listen to us, the more you began to hear the influence that artists back then and now has have on us. Our music brings that young feeling back into you body that makes you happy.


We come from a heavily populated town of Riverdale, Illinois. We are a day of age apart. Jay Cuzzin is older than Shaun Billz. Our music touches the soul, it lets you know that it’s ok to have fun and not have to worry about anything else from the moment you start listening to it till the moment you stop listening to it. We both come from a rough background, so our music is a bit helping because it allows you the listener; to understand where we are coming from and the things you may have went through we went through too. Our music slows the world down when listening to it. Our goal is to allow you to let it all hang out while still being yourself without being judge for who are. We are influenced by run dmc, biggie, tupac, Eminem, jay z, nas, lil wayne, drake, kanye west,. These have been our major influences so far in our careers because Shaun Billz started rapping and recording when he was twelve and Jay Cuzzin started rapping when he was 19, and we’re both twenty years of age now. The thing that sets us apart from most Rapper/Hip Hop/MC’s, we don’t just rap and go on stage and perform. We consider ourselves to be complete artist because we produce our own music, compose our own songs, write our own songs all from a home studio. We implement choreo in our on stage performance because we have a pretty big fan base here at Iowa State University now as students because we’re seen as good artist. There are at least 25-35 buildings here on Iowa States campus and we have performed at about 15 of them in 3 years coming in as freshman. We are very confident ion ourselves and the music that we produce that’s why we continue to do it because without our fans we wouldn’t be here. We strongly believe that someone in the world will notice us and take a chance on us and give us an opportunity to show what we got, once we get that chance, it’s straight to the top from there.


Under 21 - Radio Airplay

Mad at Me - Radio Airplay

Like No Other - Radio Airplay

We have our own radio show so we play local artist music along with our latest music as well.

LP's - Working on