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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Album Critiques"

“Superb interpretation coupled with flawless execution is sure to amaze even the most seasoned of veterans. You are that last statement personified!”

“I'm impressed with your "Old soul" vibe, you sound contemporary yet there's an element of traditional jazz inspired timelessness in your work. Strong melodic hooks, relatable themes and solid performances make this material really accessible…”

“It is clear straight away that you are a skilled and polished songwriter, vocalist, pianist, arranger, and probably whatever else you choose to do.”

“If they're looking for a fresh sound, this is it, Shaun.”

“The arrangements were clever and the vocals were in command throughout.”

“The piece is beautifully arranged and performed. The vocal parts interweave well and the overall effect is suitably stirring.” (Referring to song: Outro/Hero’s Funeral)

“OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!! …I thoroughly enjoyed the masterful penmanship as it uses words as hues to paint the heart's voice speaking the soul's language! Amazing!” (Referring to song: I Love You Today)
- Taxi A&R Representatives

"First Album Review"

Big Bang Theory, Shaun Barrowes

Shaun Barrowes’ first album of original songs, Big Bang Theory, is a sophisticated blend of jazz-pop, balladry, and big-band theatrics. Barrowes’ clear-eyed enthusiasm is refreshing; his love of the music is contagious. While Big Bang Theory is clearly a nod to a rich musical past and an appreciation of its wide-screen cinema, Barrowes’ pop leanings give the music a contemporary framework—the songs are both a longing glance backward and a running jump forward.

The music takes off due to Barrowes’ considerable talent. Indeed, the record is built around Barrowes’ voice, piano, and keen sense of melody. He is a versatile musician and performer, playing lead piano and arranging the record’s far-flung musical parts. And his strong jazz-pop voice carries inflections of Michael Buble, Sting, and even early Billy Joel.

Barrowes produced the record himself and arranged the sometimes dazzling interplay—a talented cast of musicians skillfully bob and weave through various genres. The production is deep, even lush at times, but it never interferes with the loose, organic vibe—the record has a great live feel. And although Barrowes may toe the line between romance and sentimentality, his vocal control and deft musicianship keep the songs grounded in a real world of wonder and heartache.

The record opens and closes with a beautiful, hymn-like “Intro” and “Outro,” which establish a sense of seriousness and reflection. But then first track “Fade” enters and the solemnity is over; guitar strums and hand drums propel the song into funky, hard-charging jazz-rock. The confrontational lyrics (“Do you even have the slightest clue? / What should I do?”) are surrounded by a spinning piano solo and capped off with an impressive vocal scat and keyboard breakdown. Now you know things are happening.

Enter “Hop, Skip, and a Jump,” one of the album’s standout tracks, which drives into new-wave big band, complete with sinewy bass line, retro horns, and an unforgettable lyrical hook. People will be up and dancing long before the killer sax solo leaves them breathless.

“When I Take Your Hand” pulls back the reins with its timeless appeal; it is the sound of a thousand weddings, a tender-hearted, old-fashioned ballad of newfound love. (“This is a story as old as time / now I can say it’s mine / When I take your hand.”) Barrowes delivery slides into the upper register with confidence, and his piano touch is light and lovely.

“Like There’s No More Love To Go Around” recalls a lost urban cool, all black ties and white dresses. Barrowes’ croon is right in his sweet spot on this bouncy piano affair. A crisp guitar solo enhances the song’s introspective jazz.

Reflecting on a love that could have been, “Separate Trains” glides down a New York City street, the nightlife and heartache seen through the back window. (“Our lives will always change / riding separate trains”). The song’s smooth sway fades out with subtle piano, guitar, bass, and cymbals.

The album’s excellent second half begins with “In My Back Pocket,” a wistful walk up a city street, trying to convince yourself that you’ve made the right decision. A groovy little organ pushes the bridge into some sort of epiphany. “When I Need You The Most” sounds like an old gospel standard; surprisingly, it is an original tune, showcasing Barrowes’ ability to explore diverse genres.

“I Love You Today” is a stunning jazz ballad that highlights Barrowes’ impressive vocal skills. He begins in moody reflection, builds to soulful croon, and then smoothes things out in silky melody. Another well-placed guitar solo simmers the music back down to the song’s initial longing.

Rounding out the final three tracks: “Somebody Like You” is pulsing piano-pop. “I Still Loved You,” played with grace and restraint, is a love letter to Barrowes’ younger sisters—a tribute to the changing but loving ties between brothers and sisters. And “For My Sake,” a swelling anthem that expands into peculiar chamber-pop territory, carves out a unique sonic space, hinting at things to come.

In the end, Shaun Barrowes can flat out play and sing; Big Bang Theory proves to be a forceful musical fact.

- Darren Reid, Holland and Hart

"Shaun Barrowes captivating music quality."

"The heart gripping power of Shaun's music is what will become the next biggest irrisistable sensations in music history.

Shaun Barrowes is truely one of the Singer/Songwriter great's of all time."
Airomee Wind, CEO Cimplex Music Studios, 98.2 FM - Airomee Wind, CEO Cimplex Music Studios, 98.2 FM

"He's sure to take you by surprise!"

If this guy’s name rings a bell, you probably remember him from his cup of coffee on “American Idol”. Like so many others who drift through the show, he seems to see it as a springboard rather than finale. This self-produced set finds him casting himself as a go to guy, not content just to dish up the same slag over and over. With the kind of under the radar spunk it takes to get anywhere these days on his plate by the truck load, he’s been hitting the ball to all fields in his quest for world domination. This set covers a lot of pop culture ground, and covers it well, and a lot of it seems a million miles away form AI. He’s sure to take you by surprise no matter from which entry point you are aware of him. - Chris Spector, Midwest Records

"Big Bang Theory should delight many listeners!"

Shaun Barrowes is a jazzy, rich-voiced singer of adult contemporary music. With a voice like Elton John, Barrowes is able to easily take on an entire song, with little accompaniment. Between love melodies and jazz-flavored numbers, Barrowes is constantly warbling through pleasant melodies, with an unstoppable energy. Not quite as romantic as John Mayer, but with the added edge of a smooth and Elton John-esque voice, Barrowes' Big Bang Theory should delight many listeners looking for a pleasant album to enjoy during the late days of summer. - Susie Kopecky, The Celebrity Cafe

"Barrowes' Big Bang Theory is a can't miss proposition!"

The first thing that one learns about Shaun Barrowes is that he made it to the final 48 in last season's American Idol. While the talent that show looks for isn't usually the same kind of talent we at Something Else! wax poetic over, I suspect Barrowes has more going for him than most of the contestants who made it as far as he has.

For one, this singer, pianist and composer has been lending his talents to writing scores for an animated children's TV show, video games and an idie film. He has also used the winnings of a competition he did win to make his owned damned record (take that, Simon!).

That record, Big Bang Theory, is out this week. Like Jamie Cullum, Barrowes' brand of jazzy pop mines the middle ground between Harry Connick, Jr. and classic Billy Joel. Even his smooth vocals has the tone of Joel and the delivery of Connick. His songs range from big band swing ("Hop, Skip And A Jump") to tender ballads ("In My Back Pockets"). If Cullum or Michael Buble' is your cup of tea, Barrowes' Big Bang Theory is a can't-miss proposition. - Pico, Something Else!

"What can I say...Bloody Good!"

"What can I say....Bloody Good!!!! Big Bang Theory is one of the best Cds I have heard in a long while, hats off to Shaun who Im sure he will be taking Centre Stage in the Music World before long!" - Martin Smith, Radio Seagull UK

"Each song is a Surprise!"

"Special pop cd with jazz influences by singer songwriter Shaun Barrowes. You can hear, he is a mucicien with experience. He takes you with him through his songs. Each song is a surprise. It is a pop song; it is a jazz song; it is a swing song. All comes around. A fine album with different styles of music, but althought an unity." - Jan Nederveen, Radio 794 (The Netherlands)

"The Music of Shaun Barrowes caught my ear!"

...the music of Shaun Barrowes caught my ear! Barrowes adds some interesting accents with his piano work without smothering the vocals. - Mark Saleski,


I'll Always Be Young (Single)
Live for Music (Single)
If You Save Me (Single)
A More Meaningful Life (Single)



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Shaun Canon embodies the total artist: soulful singer, hard-hitting pianoman and an innovative songwriter with engaging, cinematic videos. Nominated for an Emmy for his music video Army of Kings, Shaun performed as a top contestant on American Idol, Season 7. Since then, Shaun received a Platinum AVA award as co-producer of the TV show Vivir Bailando, performed with Greyson Chance and for President George W. Bush, and wrote the theme song for Shadow Complex, the top selling and award winning video game of 2009.

Recently, Shaun performed on Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo!), placed a song in Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) and performed in an L.A. rock band for Sony Records. As he continues to achieve, he opens for such major acts as Brian McKnight and Janelle Monae. Currently touring North America, Europe and Asia, he recently won the UK Music Contest, Slice the Pie, decided by fan popular vote.

Shaun's current project involves advocacy of Music Education. Bringing attention to music programs in schools allows him the opportunity to connect with students at national stadiums and major events for Drum Corps International, NAMM, Music for All, Fame Showchoirs, and others. Thus far, he has raised over $100,000 for music programs in schools.