Shaun Marshall

Shaun Marshall


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Influential Audio

Written By: Shaun Marshall/ Stuart Milton

I survived everything
Just like the video said I would….I could
Don’t paint me a frame of mind,
With a sharp look, I’ll steal my own
Right from home

One eye open, words unspoken

It’s funny how things stay the same
But I always notice the change
Influential audio
It’s funny how things seem to go

Smile yourself your own way,
Everyone else came out to play without you
How could you?
I took, but will not receive
Pages in a book I cannot read...but I'll overcome
What can't be undone
Crimson skies and a pale moon
Four seasons, the flowers bloom...but it will all be gone
As the day is long.

Marshall Music © 2009-08-08. Lyrics by Marshall/Milton