Shaun Strange

Shaun Strange


A mixture of soul and blues. Soft voice flows nicely with acoustic guitar.


I have had many influences in my life, including: Ernie Halter, Tony Lucca, Marc Broussard, Charles Kelley, Josh Kelley, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Don Hathaway, etc.

My sound sets me apart from other groups, because I have a soft voice, and I use it like it should be used. I do not try to over-do it.

I grew up around music, with a father who toured, and played in a band. I started playing guitar in high school, and played piano in a band, teaching myself to do both.


I just finished up my self-titled debut EP, "Shaun Strange".

Set List

My typical set list usually consists of around 10-12 songs. I tend to play more cover songs, to build up a fanbase, throwing in 3 or 4 originals.