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Timeless, Unlike anybody else, producer, song writer


Shauron Jeremy, the Producer, the Rapper,the Song Writer, started rapping in his basement @ the age of 12. "I started out with 2 radios and a instrumental tape!" "The instrumental was to the remix to T-Boz first solo song Touch Myself (Remix) that was on the soundtrack to the Lawarence Fishburn Movie Fled!" Me and my 2 boys spit on that, and thats how I got started I havent stopped from there." Then me and my homie A.D.S.P started a group called S-n-S which stood for Skillz and Shay-Rock wich was my stage name at the time. We did our little group albums still doin our solo thing as well with an occasional guest apperance by Quest who is now S.Mar or whateva which only got heard by us but the quality was trash cause we was recording straight through the radio speakers. We fell off for a couple of years until in 2001 when I moved back from Baltimore A.D.S.P approached me like yo we should do another album. So I was like cool. And I figured we should add S.Mar to the group he’s always been our dude so we started working on the album at first I was doin all the beats then one day A.D.S.P desided that he wanted to do beats as well, so we bother were serving as beat makers, and we began recording @ some hole in the wall studio in Hackensac, NJ that charged about 25 or 50 dollars an hour and there quality was trash. We started working on the album and one day A.D.S.P bought a MBOX, a Dell Laptop, and a Mic. So we started recording in S.Mar dorm room @ Montclair State. Once the album was finished it was like well what else is there to do? Personally I didnt like the album and I was kinda glad that nothing ever came of it. So A.D.S.P moved to Atlanta and started a buisness, and I was up hear like damn I still want to do music but now I aint got no access. So one day in 2002 my aunt hit me up like yo a childhood friend is a Millionare and he’s got a studio and he’s trying to start a label so I was like cool. But I did’nt call right away so I called mabe a month later and set up a meeting, and dude was like so spit so I went in the booth and rapped for like 17 minutes straight so he was like yo Ima fuck with you and I was like cool, but I also make beats to and I got a couple artist. And at that Time He Had Signed "Complexion" from (Akanelie’s Fuck Me For Free) and "Final Chapter" from (All The N.O.R.E Albums) so he was also feeling my peoples too which was Tricia Nicole & S.Mar. So he asked what I wanted to do and I’m like fuck my album ima focus on they’re albums. So we began working and in my and alota other peoples opinions we was producing the best work just not at a ppace that everybody else was @ due to schedueling conflicts and never being able to have an Engineer available for us. At the time I wasnt as skilled on Protools as I am now! So we was basically being ignored and a low priority to the Label and on top of that we wasnt signed on paper yet other produces were stealing lyrics that I help write for songs, then niggas was spreading rumors about me among other thins it was a crazy situation. So I got up out that. Fell back for a while I was workin @ Ikea and this kid heard about me and wanted to work with me he did beats so I was like I aint in to rappin no more but I’ll make some beats and @ this time he was startin a group call "The Movement" he and the rest of these dude was from Paterson, NJ so I went through and checked them out and they was Ok. So I figured well if I get down Ima definetly be heard cause these dudes aint that hot, to keep it perfectly G with you I aint even like a couple of them niggas like that anyway I did fuck wit P.I.E.R.R.E though cause he was a real nigga so I reconized that and I still fucks with him to this day so niggas fell out and that shit was that. So I decided that I gotta do this all by myself. Hence "The Pilot VOL 1." With new music on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


commin soon....look out for "Get off Me" "Im Poppin" "Mr. Jeremy"