Shawhawk's mission is to make the name of Jesus famous with their high voltage Rock!!!


Shawhawk is simple. We want young people to know that Jesus rocks! We believe that God has enabled us with the musical ability and stage presence to captivate young audiences to hear songs that glorify God.
Brian is our point man-song writer, guitar and lead vocals. He also is the music minister at Discover Church in Lexington, Ohio.
Austin-drums and background vox. He also helps write the songs and can play guitar and bass. His 7" mohawk helped inspire the band name.
Nate- lead guitar and background vocals. He helped inspire us to form the band. Nate just simply rocks and loves doing it.
Jeff plays bass. He's the old guy-Brian and Austin's dad. Yeah, he's really old! But he loves to rock-70's style.
Shawhawk's heart is to make the name of Jesus famous and have fun doing it! Our music ranges from silly, like "Spiders in My Hair", to high energy rock, like "No Life Without You". Our goal is to captivate the attention of our audience and leave them with a sense of how awesome Jesus is.


There are no songs of Shawhawk's on the radio and no EPs yet, but go to to hear some new recordings. There are many more in the making. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Set List

Here's what We're made of.
Run before I die.
No life without you.
Look to the sky.
That's why.
Life is e'stinky.
Spiders in My hair.
Sets are about 45 min. long.