Shawna McGarva

Shawna McGarva


From a Crazy Canadian family, to the "Big City" of Auckland, New Zealand, Shawna has been running around the world finding inspiration for her creative/thought provoking music. Her influences being No Doubt, Tory Amos, and Brooke Fraser...she has provide New Zealand w/a fresh touch of melodic gold.


Hello, my name is Shawna McGarva. I come from a long line of struggling, yet genius musicians, and I hope to be the musician of the family that proclaims the music in my heart to the rest of the World. I have lived in the States and Canada, along with other short term travels throughout Asia and the South Pacific. I am in love with New Zealand now. It's the place that brought the music and the spirit of hope back to me... and I never plan on giving up on the music. I have recently joined a band called Laidrive, which sounds like a mixture of The Chili Peppers, Muse, and sum awesum Punk/Funk sounds. Quite a difference from my solo career. I love melodic chords and just music that moves the inner depth of your soul. The kind that gives you goose bumps... so now I'm a mix of Punk/Funk/Melodic...and acoustic!:) Can't beat that for Genres! Music feels like the complete and utter peace and meaning of my soul...It's my cuppa tea:).


You're Not Alone

Written By: Shawna McGarva

Daddy, daddy do you hear me? It’s so dark on this same night.
I hide my face to cover the shame, of things unseen in the daylight.
Tortured by my situation, will anyone want me again?
Drenched in thoughts of devastation, will peace come through lost innocence?

So here there’s nothing left so do your best,
To repair all the losses of these wounds,
And I know there’s better than this for my life
And I need you to lead me to the truth, I’m not alone.

I’m not alone, yeah, I’m not alone
I’m not alone, yeah, I’m not alone

Baby, baby, don’t you see me? I’m with you through the sun and rain.
My heart is bursting out to rescue, my love from all your suffering.
And in this darkness I do hold you and whisper tenderly good night
My love for you will never leave you, you are my beauty and delight.

And you, you have all of me to take away the pain.
And even through the storm there will be joy after morning.
And I won’t fail you the way all the other did,
So trust me when I tell you the truth, you’re not alone.

You’re not alone, yeah, you’re not alone
You’re not alone, yeah, you’re not alone

And in this darkness I see you, come rescue me, come rescue me.
My life’s in your hand, get me through, come set me free, come set me free.
And when this heart gets overwhelmed, all run to you, I’ll run to you.
I’ll run to you, you’re all I need, I’m not alone, I’m not alone.
I’m not alone…yeah.

Of Loving You

Written By: Shawna McGarva

Hold my hand it’s been too long,
The night is young and my heart feels strongly for you
It feels like days are months when we are apart.

Shooting stars are all around us, I wish I could say all these word,
That flood my head but drift in silence instead.

You are my silent resignation.
My world would collapse without you my missing piece
And I am your masked admirer
Wanting to come out from hiding my identity
Of loving You… oh.
Of loving you.

I’m taking a step back knowing
My fragile soul for you is longing
For more than what you might be willing to give.
If you feel the same check yes or know
That my dear I’m love you so
From the start I’ll fight for you with all, all of my heart.

So try your best to make a decision.
My world is at stake as I wait for you.
I’ll run with you to your greatest destinations,
Enjoying life in the eyes of this love anew with you.
I love you, I love you.


2005/2006: released a her first CD in the States called "True" ... she raised money through gigs and the CD to come live in New Zealand.
2006: released a music video of her single "Just Breathe".
2006/2007: released an EP called "Acceptable"
2007: soon to be released EP called "Lisenable" with new band Laidrive!

Set List

Since I already have come out with a CD, I'll usually mix the olds with the news. I usually start out with the most popular... one that is catchy and that makes me get really into the rest of the set well. That normally isn't a slow pacer.:) So my set usually contains 8-11 songs depepnding. They are normally my own, but being involved with a band enables me to play a cover once in a while:). The sets normally are 30-75 minutes, but it's possible for me to do more or less.