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Shawn Crosby

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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SNOWBLIND - Out in the Cold 1991.
*Shawn was lead singer and songwriter.
Hell Bent
Home Sweet Hell
Out in the Cold-Piano Only Version
Bring it on
Fool for Rock & Roll
Let Her Go

SNOWBLIND - Live From The Fire 1991
**Live EP Recorded at Someplace Else Pittsburgh PA
Home Sweet Hell
I don't Want to Dance
Wonder World
Let Her Go

SNOWBLIND - Wicked is the Night 1992
**New Band Line Up
Wonder World
If I was There
Take 'Em Down


AWAKEN DEMOS 2000 (never available)
Love & Hate
You're No Good For Me
You Suck

Darker Days EP 2001 (out of print)
Father, Father
Angel on My Shoulder
Dear Santa
Checking Out of This World
Wish it was Sunday

It Never Stops (Promo/out of print)

ALPHA OMEGA 2002 (out of print)
Apple of My Eye
These Little Hands I Hold
Fuck The Sunshine
Rainy Days
Nobody Home
Eloise (Instrumental)

Clinical Ruins of the Mind 2002 (out of print)
I Am
I see You Baby
Rainy Days
Just Wanna Smile
These Little Hands I hold
Hands of Clay

American Ego 2003 (No longer Available)
Two Times
Look Down
Never Find
Goodbye Girl Your Gone
Running Away With Time
Worlds Last Gentleman
Addicted By Prescription
Get Happy
Worlds Most Fucked Up Man

The Hours Alone 2004
* Re-issue of various tracks from American Ego with new tracks as well
Lover Come Back to Me
Good Boy
Never Find
Running Away With Time
Two Times
Look Down
Mack The Knife (Bonus Track)

2 Weeks in the Life of 2004 (Concept CD that was not finished, most songs bled over to The Variance)
St Marys Bells
About A Girl
Lower Life Girl
Hey You
Love You Baby

THE VARAINCE 2004 (Very Limited Run, Out of Print)
St. Marys Bells
Talk to Me
About A Girl
Lower Life Girl
Fly Me To The Moon (Bonus Track)

**Some copies were released before the re-work which is being done now with songs to be added**
At Times
Hello Girl
Walk Away
Your Blown Theory
Come On
She Thinks
I Had To Let You Go
This is War
Empty Tables
Best I Can
Round & Round

VARIOUS DEMOS (non-released)
Fuck As Drunk w/Chist Bantlis
What has this world done for me
Worlds Most Handsome Man
If you Walk Away
Meet Me Halfway
Mental Cancer
Theory (take you down)
Symphony in D
Lonely People
Goodbye Jane
She Only Loves Me Because I Can Dance
ICU Baby
It Never Stops
All I Wanna Do
Welcome to LA
Never Wanted to Be So Lonely
Wicked Lover


Feeling a bit camera shy


Emerging from the shadows of a small town by a river to become one of the influential writers and performers of the 21st Century. Pulling influences from too many places to list Shawn, as so few do, has a unique sound of his own. This can be written off to the fact that Shawn stepped away from playing music for almost 8 years. During these 8 years, times and music changed...Shawn didn’t really notice, didn’t really care. While trends were appearing and disappearing over the airwaves and television at a rapid pace, Shawn sat back listening to Frank Sinatra, uncaring and going unnoticed as far as song writing and performing was concerned. In 2002 Shawn decided on a whim to buy a guitar again. Sitting and playing became sitting and writing. At the request of Shawn’s best friend Christ Bantlis, Shawn began to write more seriously and record a few demos here and there. These demos had a target audience that consisted of Shawn, Christ, and sometimes friends Mitch and Jerome. Christ took some of the demos Shawn had done and put them on a CD. The target audience for the CD was the same as the target audience for the demo tapes. Christ kept on pushing Shawn to do something with his music. Ideas were born during 4 am recording sessions, late night DVD sessions and talks of comic books. Out of these talks came the ambition and desire for Shawn to once again throw his hat in the ring. A sound was needed. But what sound? Would it sell? Would people listen? These questions were answered when Christ talked Shawn into entering an Acoustic Rock Challenge. The response was more than anyone expected and many live engagements followed. Oh, and the sound Shawn was searching for? He quit looking and just played...people listened....people showed up to watch and before long the target audience became much larger. A Shawn Crosby E-mail list soon came about and things took off. How do you describe his music? You don’t, you cant, you just hand someone a cd, an email link, take them to a show and say “Just listen”