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"Shawndel at River Rats 2008"

Shawndel delivers a stellar performance with daughter Myranda Jubinville providing back up vocals. - Athabasca Advocate


Shawndel: Believe, released in 2004 and re-mastered version released in 2007. 14 songs, three singles have been released to radio, Crazy World in 2004, Heaven Knows in 2006. Daddy's Little Girl playing now, May 2008.



SHAWNDEL is without a doubt one of Canada’s brightest independent country artists who has compiled an impressive resume since embarking on her musical trail seven years ago. She has released her debut album Believe, receiving impressive radio play across Canada. She has graced the stages of high profile venues, opening for some of North America’s top artists and she was the only artist chosen from Alberta to showcase at the CCMA’s in New Brunswick in 2006. Shawndel has a fire burning under her, and 2008 is turning out to be an exhilarating year with a new website, the planning of a CMT video and a new album in the works. She will be heading to Nashville to record her next single, which will be released to radio in spring of 2008.

When Shawndel isn’t entertaining, she enjoys volunteering and running her own music festival every year, Delclayna Days – Friends of Mother Earth First. She loves spending time with family, horses and Mother Nature. Most importantly she has learned the importance of every person following his or her true passion and calling in life. She believes this is the way to be fulfilled and find true happiness.

Professionally, SHAWNDEL has already proven herself noteworthy on-stage, on-air, and on the road. However, life isn’t only about making music. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all about SHAWNDEL is what happens when she’s not performing. Shawna and her husband Delton take pleasure in raising their four children on a large horse & bison ranch near Athabasca, Alberta. As picturesque and tranquil as country-livin’ is on the ranch, challenges always arise, continuously keeping this driven women on her toes. Married and a mom at 17, Shawna’s early years were challenging enough. Enduring a relationship with an abusive husband made it even more difficult. Seven years later, Shawna finally had enough and made one of the hardest choices of her life—to leave her marriage and parent her kids alone. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for a woman in those shoes to pursue a music career, but as Shawna likes to say, “tough times don’t last—tough people do!” Having an opportunity to chase her dream after toughing it out in her late teens and twenties guarantees one thing hard to come by in the music industry. You can rest assured that Shawna, with her loving husband Delton and four beautiful kids at her side will work as hard as need be to ensure SHAWNDEL’s success.

When you listen to SHAWNDEL’s songs, you’ll easily hear that music is both a passion and a release for dealing with life’s many trials. Singing about her life stories just might be enough to give another person the strength to make necessary changes in their life. Her song “Mistreated” might provide the courage to leave an abusive relationship. “Brand New Chevrolet” may provide the spark to take what’s yours in life and move forward in a positive way. SHAWNDEL is living proof! Her goal is to inspire all who listen to have faith and believe that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Shawndel is sharing pieces of her life experiences, her joys, and her sorrows. Each person who listens will connect in his or her own way. It really is quite amazing how this talented singer/songwriter seems to have appeared out of nowhere, fast tracking much that she has done. Have no doubt, this lady has paid her dues and her songwriting tells the stories. The truth of it is that Shawndel is a mature woman who has learned from life’s challenges and has applied her wisdom to her business. With her music career going full speed ahead, there is no doubt that this country girl will soon go to where she has always been destined… to the top!

Shawndel believes that everything happens for a reason. She follows her dreams, sticking to her morals and beliefs no matter what challenges arise. She is an intuitive person who seldom questions her “feelings” and trusts in her power of thought and positive thinking. Shawndel has always known her destiny, and doesn’t fear greatness. She knows that her calling on this earth is to sing for millions and that through her music she will help mankind and make changes in this world. There is no doubt that her stubborn nature, positive attitude and perseverance will get her there.