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Better Days

Written By: Shawn Golston (Austin)

Flowers are out in April.
The sun comes out in June.
The sand will be warm in August.
The snow is coming soon.
What changes does the season bring?
Love, Life, Happiness, Everything.
They'll be better days.
Just you wait and see.
When a guy like you, finds a girl like me.
Verse 2
Positive outlook on life, that's what you're looking for.
Someone who will share my life, someone that I adore.
Appreciating the simple things as one.
A walk on the beach, holding hands under the sun.
They'll be better days, just you wait and see.
When a guy like you finds a girl like me.
When I look in your eyes, I see the fire burning.
They say in the eyes never lie.
So what are your eyes telling me?
They're saying it's time to be mine.
Better Days are coming.
They'll be better days