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Shawnee Kilgore

Singer—songwriter Shawnee Kilgore grew up in the shadow of beautiful Mount Baker and currently lives in Bellingham, Washington. At the age of 24, she has been playing guitar and writing songs for a decade. Even though Shawnee would name Bob Dylan first among those whose music inspired her to write and sing – she is an authentic artist true to her own voice. At home, she has developed an eager audience of those moved by a brilliant body of original work- songs filled with honesty and starkly soulful lyric and melody.

Her performances at coffee shops, the local Public Market, and the Acoustic Tavern, among others- provide her audiences a rare experience. A talented young woman, Shawnee occasionally includes comedic tunes developed at the Upfront Theatre (a local improvisational theatre founded by Ryan Stiles. One recent performance moved a 7-year-old boy to tell his mother, “She has the voice of an angel.”

In addition, Shawnee has performed at the annual Subdued Stringband Jamboree in Bellingham, WA, and at the Connecticut Singer-Songwriter Association Showcase. Recently, Shawnee’s east coast tour in anticipation of her upcoming CD release has found her opening for Singer-Songwriter Jeffery Foucault at the Hooker-Dunham Theater in Brattleboro Vermont, Celtic band Grada at the East Hartford Cultural Community Center, and Paul Curreri at the Nightsky Music Series in Litchfield, Connecticut. Shawnee recently finished working on her much anticipated CD with producer Lorne Entress, (Lori McKenna, Mark Erelli & Catie Curtis). A release date of January 29 is scheduled.


This Mighty World - EP

Set List

Original Material

Walk With You
Nickels and Dimes
This Mighty World
Understood But Unclear
So Far
On My Mind
All My Glory
Years Go By
Mama Take Me With You
Nothing Better Than a friend
I Fell Too
In The Name Of The Blessed
Passive Girl
The Color Pink
Lack For Nothing
Complicated Face
Driving By Your House

One 1-1.5 hour set or two 30-45 minute set(s)

Set usually includes one to three covers. Covers include:

Cowboy Singer by Dave Carter
Merlin's Lament by Dave Carter
Goodbye by Steve Earle
Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan