Shawn Everette

Shawn Everette


The Thumping beats and smooth melodies of today’s R&B with the Serious Truth and Wisdom of Jesus Christ. This is the stuff music was intended to be used for; to bring the love, joy, peace, prosperity, wisdom, judgement, and knowledge of God with a groove and melody that you will remember.


Shawn Everette is a Christian artist who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. But, his edgy, in-your-face lyrics still carry the aroma of Long Island, New York, where he grew up. Shawn Everette combines urban contemporary Christian music with a quiet storm brand of soul and worship music. With influences from a variety of musical styles, like R&B, gospel, and praise and worship, his signature sound is destined to capture the mind, soul, and spirit of people with diverse musical tastes. And, in so doing, his unique sound and lyrics, no doubt, will bring them to a common point of truth. Shawn Everette began singing solos at the tender age of 13 and later began writing and producing his own songs. After graduating high school, he attended Five Towns College in Dix Hills, New York to further his broad-based musical training. At Five Towns he underwent two years of intensive training, working with a professional voice coach and taking extensive singing lessons. He also interned at a recording studio, where he further perfected his craft and gained added experience in producing. After graduating from Five Towns with a degree in Audio Engineering, Everette had one of his original R&B songs highlighted on a New York radio station. Of the honor he says, “I really believe that experience helped to expand my insight and vision in regards to my aspirations as a singer, songwriter, and producer.” After performing at an open audition in Manhattan, Everette was offered a recording contract with Famous Artist Associates, a management company affiliated with Motown Records. However, at that same time he began to realize the importance of his spiritual background. “The decision was hard, when you come to the point of your dream coming true and having now to choose between your will and God's will. God's will was more important.” Everette walked a way from the deal and committed himself to the work of spreading the truth of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Shawn Everette eventually migrated to Baltimore, Maryland, completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Morgan State University. While there, he worked with various artists at various studios such as Elysium Records, and he performed at Maryland’s AFRAM Expo, sharing the same stage with Commissioned, Kirk Franklin, and John P. Kee. Following years of growth in Jesus Christ, opportunities to perform, becoming an elder and Minister of Music at Living Waters Ministries, Everette has returned to the music industry with a message for this day and time. In the summer of 2005, he performed at the VIBE MUSIC FEST in Atlanta, Georgia. And he shared the stage with the sensational Gospel recording artist, Joann Rosario at E3’s JESUS ON THE WATER boat ride. Currently, Everette is in the process of releasing his debut album entitled “Answers.” “We’re living in an age where people are dying because they have no knowledge of Jesus. It’s time that we go on the offensive by ministering to people where they really are. I know that God has called me to minister to those who don’t know Him,” Everette comments.


Answers Reprise

Written By: Shawn Everette

God’s got answers to
the questions you’ve been pondering
He’s got answers to the ones you didn’t know you had inside.
Gods got answers for relationships He can tell you how to love the one
You wanna get with
Gods got answers He’s got answers

Such confusion the illusion
If I don’t know it doesn’t matter
Forget about the truth
I make my own rules
Right or wrong I’ll be alright
Truth is very near
God has made it clear
How we can all have eternal life
You don’t know what’s true
You feel him drawing you
If your sincere He will show you

You’ve got anger and point the finger
And say you’ll never call His name again
Your emptiness is real He knows just how you feel
Felt it all when they hung Him high
You may not understand He’s got a perfect plan
To give you life eternally and if your in doubt
His word spells it out
If you just read you’ll find the answers you need


Written By: Shawn Everette

Everybody wants to be free
From responsibility
Believing all truth is relative and everybody’s right
How can they judge some one for doing what they feel is right?
The chit chatter never stops but its gotta stop cause it’s a paradox

What’s this new philosophy?
That every ones right walking in the light.
Free us from this moral code,
But wanna point fingers when things explode.
Do what you feel like
No one can judge everybody’s alright
Tolerate or they scream hate so their’s no wrong or right

How can this be?
Doctors are murdering legally
Prostitutes arrested yet the internet is still infested
Schools erasing history
Teaching promiscuity
Enslaving young minds
The blind leading the blind
People wilding out
Ten Commandments taken out
No God no authority the law becomes empty X2
I think its crazy yall
They say they wana be free They say they wana be free
Just to let you know
All truth ant relative
Theirs only one way
Only Christ can set you free

They Don't Know

Written By: Shawn Everette

They don’t know that is you
Father forgive them
They don’t know that it’s you
Lord have mercy

Softly you call their names
Through friends and family and circumstances they don’t’ see
And through the pain life’s misery
You extend your hand
But they don’t understand
Your voice echoes in that dark empty space
Come home to Me I died to set you free
The daily pleasures, wants, desires dull their ears
They don’t hear until there’s tears
Sometimes they feel your warm embrace
Lonely dark nights You wana reveal Your face

Sickness strain and all the rain life brings
Your comforts there but it seems so unfair
You allow the pain, life’s, catastrophe
So they might meet you on their knees
So you can show them your love
Somebody’s wondering how they made it home last night
That accident that should’ve taken your life
You set a stage for them to take your hand
Fear and tragedy unfortunately makes us see
Those times they thought their lives would fly away
For that moment they would here Your voice calling


The New album By Shawn Everette is entitled "ANSWERS" released March 2007
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Set List

I have been doing a three to four song set list including..
Lord I give thanks... Interlude
All Praise
Answers Reprise
Here I am