Shawn Foster

Shawn Foster

 Orlando, Florida, USA

I believe great guitar playing is all in the ears of the beholder. When other guitarists start listening to what "You" are doing, then you just might be good enough to get across your original ideas to an audience that has never heard you before. There lies the "Magic that makes music "Special"


I started playing guitar at age 8, with Tackahari Iofuso, who learned Flamenco and classical from a prodigy of Carlos Montoya. I have perfomed front shows for acts such as Spyro Gyra, David Crosby, Dave Mason, Dave Brubeck, Herbie Mann, and "Doc" Severinson from the "Tonight Show", among others. I also played solo guitar in Spain, South America, and am returning next summer to Europe. My third CD "Roar of Whispers" just realesed in 2011. I have several boutique music libraries, including Organic Music Library, HD Music Now, Pump Audio, Musicdealers Library, and Abstract Sound Library, HP music Now. I am included in ArtistPR as well.


my CD's "Then and Now", released in 2001 and "Just Guitar, No Strings Attached" released in 2006 (all original material) and my newest CD released in 2011 entitled "Roar of Whispers" (all original material) can be purchased at as well as individual downloads and ringtones.

I can be heard on Jango, Johnny Rock, Accoustic Roundtable and Reverbnation.

Set List

Most of my music is original Instrumental and combines a variety of flavors, from Flamenco to mild acoustic rock, and a bit of blues and a combo of jazz fusion thrown in. I do some original vocals in blues, and Americana and some tasteful covers in my own style, as well as instrumentals. All of my original material is copyrighted, ASCAP.