Shawn Glynn

Shawn Glynn


My music is truely versatile I am Torontonian 100%. My music is for your moods and makes you feel happy. It's soulful, reverant, head bopping, easy listening, and very melodic. It's the new sound that everyone is looking for I am a 1 of a kind artist 1 in 7 billion people. There is no limit to me.


Hi my name is Shawn Glynn. I'm a Canadian born recording artist who has been gifted a bizarrely versatile voice and musical talent; with a huge, true story of hope to share with the world. I’ve been singing and writing music for the past eight years professionally. I grew up as a street kid since the age of 16 in Toronto, so there are very few things on the dark side I have not seen or done. You name it, I've been there and done it. So my language is very matter a fact, and I love to perform. I break all the rules and love doing it . I think that art needs to stay fresh and new all the time. I range from soul to hip hop / from country to Broadway….nothing is sacred for me. This way I always have a fresh perspective on the world. This way my sound is defined by me and not the listener. I have never graduated from any performing arts school, and I can't read sheet music, so what you are listening to is a miraculous gift being channeled through a regular human being. I put myself through school, and graduated as a youth counselor which I enjoy still to this day. I've worked with hundreds of youth in the city for the past 12 years and the music thing began to grow a lot. It’s more than just giving back…I actually think that they are all special and incredibly inspirational to me. I recorded my first album in 2006 titled "Grace" and the same year I finished "This is Christmas". I began having some success with sales, iTunes stuff etc...This is Christmas went to 12 countries and 70 stations and I knew there was a chance at something here. Although I am not religious; I do credit my miraculous existence and this gift to none other than God himself, herself, or whatever else the world sees this force out there as. Therefore, I consider my gift to be channeled through me as the co-author to a force that is much more beautiful, creative, and melodious than any human being on this planet, including myself. The interesting thing about living through massive adversity and coming out the other end is an awakening of self. You find you. Then something deep within you arises and you discover that the illusions you have about yourself, are just that. So you root yourself in something, you hanker down, and take a position. Maybe this position is not the popular thought of the day just yet. In time all forward thinking proves to be right. That is how I look at music, I am not afraid to throw in some depth with the fluff….mix it up a lot. That is what makes me different. The thought simply is this: I can awaken to a new sound completely. I can awaken to the music from inside my soul, humanity around me and the biggest joys of my life regardless of what cards this life has throw at me. Trust me when you live on the streets and lived with rejection everyday of your existence, the music industry is a piece of cake, you just need patience that’s all. Fads die eventually and the truth about music is that soul music never dies. A good song is a good song. So I try an write, sing and produce “good songs”. If I don’t love my music then who will?.

I want World Peace more than anything else on this planet, and I believe I can do it also. I believe so much in peace, because it saved me from total devastation and certainly death itself. I decided that I wanted my music to be used for an awakening of sorts. I wanted a new sound that was filled with life and come from an inspirational place that was 100% not religious I figured if great music saved me and I had zilch, then one or two others out there will listen. I decided to choose a role model for myself, a real life example of someone who already been through a crap load of stuff, and could have been a celebrity himself but instead wanted nothing more than world peace. I could have chosen Gandi, King, John Lennon, Bob Marley…all of which are amazing world peace leaders who had extraordinary gifts…but why not….the main man in my books. The Prince of Peace himself. Jesus. I figured as long as I got a got role model for me on that scale, and recognize that the music I receive already existed before I was even a thought; but the sound chose to find me. I no longer need to make a statement of how talented I thought I was. I recognize my place in this process and consider myself to be extremely lucky to be given this gift. So my music is an eclectic mix of inspiration, spiritual, uplifting dance, peaceful, aggressive, assertive and mainly about human life...I don't want perfection, I just want an existence that is as transparent as possible and if I can gain success, win fans along the way, and flip that around to be a world leader for peace....then I'm in. Because the world does not need more celebrities, it needs more leaders who want people to live freely and in love. If music is the way in which it will happen for me, then so be it....the journey begins and I am more than ready for the challenge. Arguably the song that everyone seems to be into right now is "Popular". I am so amaze



Written By: Shawn Glynn


By: Shawn Glynn

Main Hook: "But in Toronto You're Popular"



You want it baby
So bring the noise
You sexy ladies
and body boys
Pump this music
Inside your car
You fly so high
Being Popular


You want it right now,
Everybody needs you
You got it right now,
Everybody lovesyou

In London city
They pay you pounds
In Amsterdam
They don't mess around
IN Tokyo, you get around
They know who you are
Cause you're pop-u-lar


In Montreal they keep it real
In New York City
They know how we feel
In Lisbon City
The clubs are crazy
They play this track
For the tricky ladies

In SanFransisco
The sound is sexy
In Paris city
Just keep it sweaty
In Miami they know who you are

But in Toronto....You're Popular

You're popular
You're popular

But in Toronto, But in Toronto, But in Toronto you're Popular.


Grace (2006 Release)- Empty (Mix 99)

This Is Christmas (2007 Release)- This is Christmas (97.3 Easy Rock/ 12 countries 70 stations worldwide)

Set List

I can captivate any audience at any size. I typically perform a three set show at 50min per set. It's very difficult to narrow me down because I have an extreemly large range of styles I perform well (from big piano pop/ballads/ hip hop to classic Jazz). I also have fully choreographed pop shows and love to play the piano with my 11piece Motown band So the best way to answer is, it depends on what style of show you want I offer three and they range in size also. It depends on your budget. So if you want a large show for say 200 - 1,000 people I would recomend:

1) Motown, RnB, Classic Rock, Pop
- Marvin gaye
- Smokey Robertson
- Sam Cooke
- Louis Armstrong
- George Benson
- The Eagles
- John Legend
- Bob Marley

For intimate shows high end events/ Jazz:

2) 4 piece Jazz ensemble and Show tunes:

- All Cole Porter songbooks
- Nat king Cole (impersonator)
- Ray Charles
- Nina Simone
- Ella Fitzgerald
- A Broadway Tenor with a tasty repetoir