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"All Eyes On Shawn Gotts"

Shawn Gotts is a budding R&B music artist whose had his share of great career experiences at such a young age. At 17 he sang for #1 group, Destiny’s Child, and joined his own singing group that was managed by celebrity, Kithe Brewster. Now a solo act, he’s preparing for his first EP, My Side of the Story, scheduled to release this September.

Here’s his ode to love with his single, “Falling in Love” from My Side of the Story:
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Who is Shawn Gotts?

Shawn Gotts, New York City native, is an R&B Artist whose rich and unique style was born from influences like Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Brian McKnight, and Destiny’s Child. Shawn’s musical career began in the humblest of places, St. Peter’s Church in the Bronx where his father was the Pastor. Every Sunday morning, Larry Gotts asked Shawn to sing before the church; his only request was that he sang from the heart no matter the tune. In those early days Shawn coined his singing style “Inspirational R&B” bringing joy to the church with familiar songs by artists like Mariah Carey, who he loved. Acceptance from the church for his gift of song solidified the decision for Shawn to pursue his passion, a career in music.

Over the years Shawn performed at many talent shows, including at the Apollo Theater. In 2009, with three other young men, Shawn formed an R&B group managed by celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster and choreographer Anthony Burrell. One of the highlight of the group’s career was performing on the Bravo TV hit show “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for the wedding of supermodel Cynthia Bailey; in 2010 Shawn and his group went on to perform for the Jewish Kabala center which proved to be another milestone. After over a year of working together, the group mutually separated to pursue solo careers; this decision left Shawn uncertain about his future as an artist.

After months of self evaluation, tears, and consulting with close family and friends Shawn decided that giving up on his dreams was not an option; in fact, pursuing his dreams would have been what his father, Larry Gotts who later passed away, would have wanted him to do. So Shawn continued to press forward in his journey and start on a new path. Of course the beginning of the journey came wrought with doubt and negativity from harsh words that people said about him in the past; people said that he would not make it because he did not have the “look” or that having a lisp would hold his musical career back; but Shawn knew that believing in himself and leaving negative energy behind would help him to succeed. The positive energy that Shawn exuded then turned into what is now entitled “My Side of the Story”, his new EP that is scheduled for release, Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

“My Side of The Story” was literally born from pure emotion; over an eight day period. During visits to the studio, Shawn freestyled and sang over beats; this free association of song covered love, pain, heartache, laughter, and tears; emotions that had been bottled up since the separating of the group. Not only was this project therapeutic, but it was amazing as the feedback of the sound by listeners proved that music like Shawn’s was needed. The most favored approval was by Shawn Gotts, #1 fan, his mother who simply cried and said “I’m so proud of you” after listening; this reaction proved that Shawn’s calling had not been forgotten.

And so we welcome you to listen, learn, and experience “My Side of the Story”, it is a story that we can all relate to; like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes that has spread its wings in glory and pursuit of passion.