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"Reviewer: Matthew S. Maynard"

It’s usually a good policy to avoid judging anything simply based upon its appearance. For instance, looking at the packaging of Shawn Harris’ latest release, Temptation, one might be “tempted” to believe that it is just another contemporary Christian release complete with spiritually symbolic, earth-toned artwork, pretty melodies and positive, uplifting lyrics. This would be a logical assumption, and it would be correct — to an extent. In fact, Temptation has all of those qualities at times, but it also has so much more.

Based in Apopka, Florida, Shawn Harris has been making a name for himself in the Orlando music scene recently. Possessing a style that is usually low-key and acoustic, Harris draws a line through the sometime cookie-cutter mentality of the contemporary Christian market with dramatic, minor-key tendencies, dark harmonies and adventurous arrangements. While Temptation is definitely its own animal, it at times bears a striking resemblance to Alice in Chains’ Jar of Flies. The somber tone of some of the songs, along with Harris’ deadpan, baritone delivery and droning acoustic passages on songs like the opening track, “Memories,” further justify the comparison. Tracks like “Fortune Lies Freedom” and “Keeping Hope Alive” showcase somewhat brighter arrangements and a more soulful, higher-register vocal delivery. “Don’t You Know” presents a weighty acoustic arrangement and driving rhythm reminiscent of groups like Days of the New and Tantric. Nifty arrangements and top-notch musicianship punctuate the well-conceived songs, with flamenco-style guitar solos, progressive synth passages and novel, syncopated rhythms presenting themselves as unexpected treasures throughout the disc.

With brilliant songs, commanding vocals and jaw-dropping guitar playing, Shawn Harris has produced a recording that is a compelling vehicle for his faith and message. (Self-released)
- Performer Magazine June 2007

"Reviewer: Joseph Vilane"

Temptation Independent Release
The music of Shawn Harris is fresh, with a unique blend of spiritual flavor.
His voice carries you to an unknown atmosphere and the music, all written by Harris himself, paint brushes his vision with spirituality and utter forgiveness. Harris is a man that has been broken and put back together again through faith and perseverance. “Memories chain my soul,” Harris recites in “Memories,” as he discovers that through his past experiences, strength can be found. The driving acoustic guitar creates perfect timing with Harris’ voice, echoing a very eerie yet uplifting vibe that will make you question what you’re feeling. The music often mimics Harris’ voice, but
suddenly will take on a new Middle Eastern tone. Songs such as “Fallen From
Grace” and “Keeping Hope Alive” are short in theory but manage to get their message across in minutes. This is one of those CDs that will hit you after the second or third listen. Listeners will find this effort an intriguing and innovative discovery. Temptation is hard to pigeonhole into one particular category of music because it ventures through various styles
based on Harris’ often falsetto voice and creativity of the music that’s behind it - Rag Magazine May 2007

"Emotional Rollercoaster Well Worth The Ride"

An intense acoustic journey that at times touches on Days Of The New, with
hints of Dirt-era Alice In Chains, some Temple Of The Dog dynamics, and a
kaleidoscope of '70s icons like Rush, Zeppelin, James Taylor and even some
vintage Heart from their Dreamboat Annie days. Highlights for me were:
"Promised Land" - The lyrics & melody remind me of the great '70s
singer/songwriters like Cat Stevens (one of my personal faves) and Elton
John. But with a distinct "modern" and very original feel. "Fortune Lies
Freedom" -Reminds me a tiny bit of a song from the first CD by Snow Patrol
in chord progressions. I love the way the guitars/verses build in intensity
- very Jimmy Page-esque (think of songs off Physical Graffiti and Presence
like "Achilles Last Stand"). Also reminds me a tiny bit of Farewell To
Kings-era Rush for some reason. "Temptation" - My favorite overall. It's so
heavy & intense,like "No Quarter" or "Wish You Were Here." I think this one
showcases the layered guitars, vocals, lyrics & songwriting perfectly and
it's a great way to end the CD because it sums up all the feelings of the
other songs like a final chapter in a book you're sorry to be finishing. - Reviewer: Paisley McClellan


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