Shawn Hlookoff

Shawn Hlookoff


I'm very open minded when it comes to my influences and my songwriting. What good is a closed parachute? The reason I write is to express myself, but writing is half the expression. Performing live on stage is where I express the other half of myself. I put my heart in soul into my performance


Shawn Hlookoff’s debut album, Can’t Fight this Feeling (independent), showcases a multi-talented musician whose reflective songs hit home to his listeners. Shawn’s takes a “say it like it is” approach to writing his lyrics.
Shawn is a scholar, lyricist, and musician. Growing up, music was the constant throughout his active life as student. Shawn started his musical journey when he was four. Taking piano lessons and singing in the community choir, Shawn made his talents evident. While still in piano lessons, Shawn picked up on the trombone in high school, which enabled him to win a jazz scholarship. At the age of 16 Shawn was picked up by “Shag” (a popular disco cover band). Shawn gained valuable stage presence while playing in bars and touring with “Shag”. Wanting to expand on his vocal ability Shawn contacted Colin Davison, (formerly Crusoe) to educate him on the proper techniques of singing.
When performing his own material, Shawn feeds on the thrill of connecting to an audience. At each performance, Shawn pours his soul into the piano and everyone knows that they’re in on something special. Enrolling in a music composition course led to Shawn’s greater understanding of composition, recording, producing, and engineering. Using computer software to compose music, Shawn spends hours on end making demos, “like rungs in a ladder” is how he refers to his demos. When Shawn made the journey to Vancouver for a songwriting workshop, he caught the eye of Rick Beresford; A commercial songwriting instructor at Belmont University. Rick acted as a sounding board for Shawn. Under Rick’s wing, Shawn’s songwriting has matured and it’s evident in his Debut Album “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. Shawn was awarded for his songwriting ability’s by for his Debut Single “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. He was one of twealve unsigned artists selected across Canada.

“I try not to force myself into finding an Idea to write a song, I try to stay open”, Shawn Explains, “If I schedule a time to sit down and write a song, it won’t happen. I have to feel it, see it and hear it in my head before I write anything down.”

Currently, Shawn is in the making of his second album, which is quite a step up from his first. His vocals are stronger, his writing is more mature and his performance skills are truly professional. Keep an eye and ear out for this young artist in the future, his charisma dedication and talent are sure to take him far in the music industry.



Written By: Shawn Hlookoff

I've seen this place before
it's coming back to me now
my past I can't ignore it seemed to stick with me some how

we were so high
we were so damn high

I met you back at school I used to call you my best friend
Drunken fights and broken rules
was just our typical weekend

we used to get so high
yah we would get so high

Now all I could do is think
I just think

We jumped into my car
I can't remember the junction
I tried to stay awake body couldn't function

Cause I was so high
and you were so high

Now all I could do is think
I just think

I know that you'd forgive me
but you're not even here to say
I tell you in my prayers that we'll meet again someday
That we'll meet again someday
I hope we meet again someday


"Can't Fight this Feeling" LP 2003
"Think" EP 2004 Streaming

Set List

Typically I do about a 45 min all depends where and who I'm playing for. It's diffent with a band.