Shawn James

Shawn James

 Searcy, Arkansas, USA

Shawn James' haunting, soulful voice soaring over his acoustic guitar will leave a lasting impression.


Born on the south side of Chicago in 1986, singer, songwriter and multi
instrumentalist, Shawn James had a kind, hardworking Mother and a
gambling, drunk and often abusive Father. His conflicted home life can
still be heard in his music which can be full of contrasts -- dark and
light, anger and joy, earthy and airborne – while remaining gritty and
real. Singing in church growing up, he was drawn
to the emotional, ethereal power of music and its ability to affect
people. It was there that he found his escape and learned how to
harness his unique, soulful voice.

After playing in bands
since the age of sixteen, Shawn moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in
January 2012. Attracted to the beauty of the natural state and even
more impressed by Fayetteville’s diverse and thriving music scene, he
began performing every chance he got. The singer, songwriter – who also
plays guitar, piano and numerous other instruments -- literally turned
himself into a one man band. Regardless of where he was playing -- on
the street, in a bar or at a house party – Shawn’s intensity, inimitable
voice and hard-driving folk/soul/blues hybrid made for a performance
you wouldn’t soon forget.


2012 - Full length solo album - Shadows

2014 - 2nd Full length solo album - Deliverance