Shawn Levesque

Shawn Levesque


I would have to say that I have so many influences that it's just easier to say that I'm the illigetimate love child of Ani Difranco and Les Clay Pool. I've really taking a liking to a percussive groove to my playing as well as an autobigraphical songwriting style.


I started out playing Grunge, then went to Metal, then Hardcore. These things really didn't seem to work for me other than providing an immediate release for anger and teen angst. I tried to form several bands but nothing seemed to work all the way up through College.
I discovered Jazz in College which opened my head and my ears up to a much broader range of things. I also discovered folk music via Ani Difranco, then that opened doors to the originators of folk. But the Jazz had stuck with me and got me into Jazz funk. I was addicted to Ani and had a new love of Mo-town and funk. This has been comming into my playing on a subconscious level more and more over the past few years. As has the understanding that I don't want to be part of a band as much as I want a few people to back me up. I like having all the responsibility on me, I like not having to stroke other people's ego's and not having to be involved in pissing contest. I stand alone at present but will be happy to take on a percussionist or Bass player. I'm currently working on my demo and playing the open mic at Club Passim. I will be branching out more and writing more and more about all that I breathe and take in.

I moved to Boston on April 30th of 2005 and started playing again in the Fall. I've since recorded 4 songs for my demo and have a bunch more that will be recorded soon. All my songs have been recorded LIVE at Club Passim's Open mic.


I have 4 songs recorded that are on my myspace account. They have been getting some good hits and I feel that my live performances have been pretty strong.

Set List

I don't really do one yet as I haven't played a real gig in quite some time.

I'd definitely have to go strong then to a more mellow so as not to bash the audience over the head with too much emotion or percussiveness.

I have at least 5 original songs that I am confident with and if chosen in sept could easily have 5 more.