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"Lidster Launches Legends"

Lidster Launches Legends:
Historical CD First for Conception Bay North Area"

When singer/songwriter Shawn Lidster realized he already had several historical songs written, it was only natural he follow on with the project. "In all it took a couple of years. I already had three songs about the history of the area and I thought: I've got a project started here. I'm gonna dig in some more," he says from his home at Brigus Gullies. The album, Legends on the Baccalieu Trail, launched Sept. 23 at St. George's Heritage Church in Brigus, is likely the first CD of its type for the Trinity Conception area.

He describes track five of his historical musical tribute, The Kyle, as emphasizing how important the old cargo supply ship was to the people of this province. "She will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who worked and sailed her and is a reminder for all those who see her, as she still lies in Harbour Grace." Lidster wrote the song while working with Rebel Island theatre group. "They did a history of Harbour Grace and The Kyle. They were picking Irish traditional songs for me to do and I said, wait now - and I did some research and wrote the song."

The song Carbonear Island came about much the same way and tells the story of how the people of Carbonear and surrounding communities defended themselves from the French invasion in 1696.

Lidster, who has been writing and performing a wide range of original material for more than 20 years, is a regular at the annual soiree in Cupids."Instead of doing the Sealer Song and Newfoundland Summer's Day (both original tunes) all the time - and with the 400 anniversary of Cupids coming up in 2010 - I thought I'd put together a song." The result was track one on the album, Cupers Cove, an account of how John Guy and his colonists set up their plantation at Cupids in 1610.

Then there's the comical tale about a couple who meet and fall in love on a tour of the Baccalieu Trail, simply called On the Baccalieu Trail. That song was written when Lidster was asked to perform at a Baccalieu Trail Tourism Association event. "I looked at the map and it pretty much wrote itself," he says. "There was actually a tour bus from St. John's at the event and it went over really good."

Far away in Australia

Several local radio stations have been playing the new songs and Lidster was interviewed on CBC radio several Saturdays ago.
Meanwhile, back in Australia Lidster's mother-in-law was tuning in to the show. "Rebecca's mother had all the crowd in from the neighbourhood and a couple of people heard the song Cupers Cove and said they're very interested in coming over for a visit."

Photo: Lilian Simmons
HAGAR'S GUITAR - While in Australia in 1998
Shawn Lidster entered a song competition
winning $15,000 worth of Sammy Hagar's (Van Halen) gear
when his song the Ratso Man was chosen winner.

The musician spent four years in the land down under, where he performed and toured with the Pale Riders when they opened for Midnight Oil's 1998 Redneck Wonderland Tour. He also got the chance to play with Randall Waller, now Shania Twain's guitar player.

The day after he moved into his apartment in Terrigal on Australia's Central Coast, Rebecca moved in next door. The two became walking companions, spending hours strolling the beach. "She didn't know I played guitar. So one day I went out on the middle of the balcony (between the apartments) and serenaded her.

"I didn't believe him at first," said Rebecca. "I thought it was someone playing a CD."

Photo: Lilian Simmons
FAMILY FUN - Shawn Lidster's little family enjoys his music,
but none more than one-year-old Alexander,
who gets a front-row seat on mom's (Rebecca)
knee while Dylan, 7 and Jake, 5 pile up on the couch behind.
In 2000 the couple married on the beach where they had spent so much time walking together. Their sons Dylan 7, and Jake 5 were both born in Australia, while Alexander, who turned one Friday, Sept. 8 is a full-fledged Newfoundlander.

Lidster has just started a new business called Off the Rock Entertainment, offering help as a consultant to other singer/songwriters. His new CD, he said, will be his business card. He's also launched a new webiste:

The album, which covers a number of Conception Bay North legends, might well be a first for the area, but Lidster hopes to remedy that shortly and include more of the region. "Maybe next year we can work on Volume II," he says.
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2006 Legends on the Baccalieu Trail

first solo release- On the Baccalieu Trail, Cupers Cove, John Hawe and Carbonear Island all receiving airplay on 560 CHVO,Homebrew 97.5 Fm,Jigs and Reels 94.7 Fm and Radio Newfoundland

2005 Newfoundland Summer's Day re-recorded and released on Homebrew 5

2004 The Sealer's Song re-recorded and released on Homebrew 4

1998 The Ratso Man won song competition in Sydney Australia's Rock Station Triple M. Prize chosen by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen

1995 Lidster's Hill "Swally Dis"



Shawn Lidster is a singer/songwriter from Brigus, Newfoundland,Canada, who has been writing and performing a wide range of original material for more than 20 years.

In 2003 Shawn did a remix of his song, Sealer Song for the Homebrew 4 CD and in 2004 his song Newfoundland Summer’s Day (recorded in Great Big Sea’s studio) was released on Homebrew 5 CD both songs get extensive play on traditional radio station’s here in Newfoundland.

Shawn’s new project called Legends on the Baccalieu Trail has been years in the making. He has done extensive research into the history of Cupids,Brigus,Bull Cove,Harbour Grace and Carbonear. The time line of songs that Shawn has written shows how he has developed as a songwriter. The songs get right to the heart and soul of the characters he is reflecting on and brings the listener back to the era in which he is singing about.

The Sealers Song and Newfoundland Summer’s Day now only available together on this Cd will surely draw attention to all the new songs Shawn has crafted for this CD.


In July 1994, Shawn formed Lidster’s Hill with his sister Juanita, cousin Audrey and friend Jim Wheeler. Lidster’s Hill entered the Big Break Blast-Off competition that was held in St. John’s and stole the show. They took top spot from more than 20 acts by performing six original songs written by Shawn. The prize was 100 hours of studio time that led to the release of “Swally Dis” a cassette containing an eclectic mix of all original songs. Although the band did not stay together long, they did get to open for Canadian Country Music Artist Charlie Major when he was in St. John’s and had two traditional songs off Swally Dis, The Sealers Song and Newfoundland Summers Day received extensive air play in Newfoundland and Toronto.

Shawn shopped the tape around to various music industry people at the 1995 Canadian Music Week Conference held in Toronto and then he went to Music West in Vancouver. He checked out a showcase that had the Australian band the Pale Riders on the bill, they quickly became friends exchanged CDs and tapes and vowed to keep in touch. Then in 1997, the Pale Riders invited Shawn to be their opening act for the launch of their new CD and tour of Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Shawn jumped at the opportunity, sold just about everything he owned packed up his guitar and made the move to the land down under.

While in Australia Shawn, crafted his song writing skills. He entered a theme song competition for Sydney’s rock station Triple M and won $15,000 worth of Sammy Hagar’s (Van Halen) gear when his song the Ratso Man was chosen as the winner. Shawn also had the opportunity to play along with Randall Waller who is now Shania Twain’s guitar player. Randall liked the Sealers Song so much he used to get up on stage and jam along with Shawn.

Shawn also went on a tour with the Pale Riders when they got the opening act for Midnight Oil’s 1998 Redneck Wonderland Tour. As Shawn says “What a year!”