Shawn Lidster

Shawn Lidster


Newfoundland Roots Music “I try to capture a balance between all of the Celtic influences that they have passed down to me from both sides of my family roots, then mixed it with my own interpretations and come up with something that is old but with a new edge.”


Shawn Lidster is a singer/songwriter from Brigus, Newfoundland,Canada, who has been writing and performing a wide range of original material for more than 20 years.

In 2003 Shawn did a remix of his song, Sealer Song for the Homebrew 4 CD and in 2004 his song Newfoundland Summer’s Day (recorded in Great Big Sea’s studio) was released on Homebrew 5 CD both songs get extensive play on traditional radio station’s here in Newfoundland.

Shawn’s new project called Legends on the Baccalieu Trail has been years in the making. He has done extensive research into the history of Cupids,Brigus,Bull Cove,Harbour Grace and Carbonear. The time line of songs that Shawn has written shows how he has developed as a songwriter. The songs get right to the heart and soul of the characters he is reflecting on and brings the listener back to the era in which he is singing about.

The Sealers Song and Newfoundland Summer’s Day now only available together on this Cd will surely draw attention to all the new songs Shawn has crafted for this CD.


In July 1994, Shawn formed Lidster’s Hill with his sister Juanita, cousin Audrey and friend Jim Wheeler. Lidster’s Hill entered the Big Break Blast-Off competition that was held in St. John’s and stole the show. They took top spot from more than 20 acts by performing six original songs written by Shawn. The prize was 100 hours of studio time that led to the release of “Swally Dis” a cassette containing an eclectic mix of all original songs. Although the band did not stay together long, they did get to open for Canadian Country Music Artist Charlie Major when he was in St. John’s and had two traditional songs off Swally Dis, The Sealers Song and Newfoundland Summers Day received extensive air play in Newfoundland and Toronto.

Shawn shopped the tape around to various music industry people at the 1995 Canadian Music Week Conference held in Toronto and then he went to Music West in Vancouver. He checked out a showcase that had the Australian band the Pale Riders on the bill, they quickly became friends exchanged CDs and tapes and vowed to keep in touch. Then in 1997, the Pale Riders invited Shawn to be their opening act for the launch of their new CD and tour of Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Shawn jumped at the opportunity, sold just about everything he owned packed up his guitar and made the move to the land down under.

While in Australia Shawn, crafted his song writing skills. He entered a theme song competition for Sydney’s rock station Triple M and won $15,000 worth of Sammy Hagar’s (Van Halen) gear when his song the Ratso Man was chosen as the winner. Shawn also had the opportunity to play along with Randall Waller who is now Shania Twain’s guitar player. Randall liked the Sealers Song so much he used to get up on stage and jam along with Shawn.

Shawn also went on a tour with the Pale Riders when they got the opening act for Midnight Oil’s 1998 Redneck Wonderland Tour. As Shawn says “What a year!”


The Sealers Song

Written By: Shawn Lidster

The Sealer’s Song ã 1993 Shawn Lidster


Diddly oh diddly...

Well me great-grandfather was a stowaway he sailed across a ragging sea
To an island they called the Newfoundland where he’d raise a family
He was a fisherman by trade sir and in the spring of every year
He’d have his birth and his gunny sack an be sealing off the Labrador

Now the work was hard and the days were long
And as the sweat poured down his brow
Between the oates he swore on the old man
You could hear him sing this song, he went


Now when the ship was bellied down loaded sir with seal
They’d point her nose towards St. John’s all for the merchants glee
And down in the crews quarters when their rashins had been ate
they’d lite a smoke and tell some jokes and listen to me grandpa sing, he went


Well if you had been lucky and God was on your side
You’d make enough credit to do you a short while
And when the hunt was over with his love ones by his side
He swore he’d never return again to the ice or to the swiles, he went


Now the times they have been changing there not like in the past
No more you’ll hear the skipper roar ready ropes and gaffs
When those ice cold winds are howling in the spring of every year
Well if you listen closely this is what you’ll hear

Chorus twice
Take her home

Newfoundland Summer's Day

Written By: Shawn Lidster

Newfoundland Summers Day

I left my home when I was just a lad
Because of the circumstances that I had
It was time for me to leave
Say goodbye to my family
And face this cold world on my own

We’ve been leaving the island for years
You could fill the oceans with our mothers tears
For each tear we cried
We had our reasons why
We had to go and live out somewhere else


Well all that I can ask and all that I can pray
Is that I die in Newfoundland on a summers day

I can hear the roar and the rumble of the city outside
But all I have to do is close my eyes
And I can feel the ocean breeze
Blowing in from the Labrador
And it reminds me of that island in the sea


Well times have been hard everywhere
But there’s more and more of us leaving every year
Who is to blame and will things every change
For the children and for you and me

Chorus twice

©1990 Shawn Lidster

The Calm/Carbonear Island

Written By: Shawn Lidster

Carbonear Island @ 2003 Shawn Lidster

In 1696 when I was 17 years old
On Carbonear Island I sought refuge from my home
The word came up and down the Bay
The French again would raid
Their killing and their burning
From St Johns to Port de Grave

I was the watchman
Cause my eyes were true and clear
When I saw their ships approaching
D’Iberville held my fear

The stories were related and
The horrors had been told
My voice cried out the warning
May the Lord have Mercy on our souls

On Carbonear Island
We made our stand
We fought for king and country
And the love of our land

We would not surrender
We would not lie down
We were proud and strong
And we stood our ground

We were hardy fisherman
Not trained to kill a man
We bled for our courage
Our tears christened this land

The island now lies empty
But the ghosts are still there
Their legacy lives on
That spirit is still hear
Chorus: x refrain Carbonear Island

John Hawe The Pirate

Written By: Shawn Lidster

John Hawe the Pirate ã 2004 Shawn Lidster

This is a wild amazing story
That took place under God’s good glory
Back in the 1700’s in Brigus
So I’ve been told

A fisherman named John Hawe
From his home in North Point,
Well he saw a big old ship hove too just off the point

Well he thought the captain might need help
And he’ll do anything that’s how he felt
John Hawe was a family man that was his way

So he gets in the punt and he rows right out
Never once did he ever dream about
The nightmare that would happen that fateful day

He climbs the ropes jumps over the rail
With his wife and children watching this tale
Unfold before their unsuspecting eyes

After a couple of hours went by
The ship weighed anchor
And the children cried
Mama they have taken father away

It was a pirate ship that came
John was locked in chains
And given a choice
They said we’ll spare your life
Your children and your wife
If you come in peace

Chorus: That’s how John Hawe became a pirate(Repeat 3 times)

Under the Black flag of skull and crossbones
John’s heart is broke the ship creaks and moans
Far far away from Newfoundland

They raid a plunder and laid siege
Off the land and on the high seas
From the Caribbean to the Spanish Main

For twenty years John hopes and prays
For a chance to escape and
Make his way back home to his family, but
It was a pirate ship that came
John was locked in chains
And given a choice
They said we’ll spare your life
Your children and your wife
If you come in peace

That’s how John Hawe became a pirate (repeat)

At last the long wait and wish came true
When the captain disbands the motley crew
Somewhere in a port in South America

For many months John walks the wharf
Till he finds a ship bound for New York
Then another set to sail for old St. John’s

John stops outside the old wooden gate
He wonders is twenty years too late
Would his family believe him
Would they recognize him
Would they still love him now

It was a pirate ship that came
John was locked in chains
And given a choice
They said we’ll spare your life
Your children and your wife
If you come in peace

Chorus: That’s how John Hawe became a pirate (Repeat 3)

Cupers Cove

Written By: Shawn Lidster

Cupers Cove ã 2005 Shawn Lidster

John Guy was the man who got it started
He landed here in 1610
It was in the heart of the summer
And the hard work had just began

The tradesmen built a plantation
And prepared for the winter to come
They prayed to God they’d make it
They all worked together as one

In Cupers Cove the sun was shining
In Cupers Cove the time was right
In Cupers Cove our history leads us
To a future that looks so bright

Well they built a bark called the Indeavor
And they sailed her off to Trinity
To make contact with the Beothuks
Their intentions were all friendly

They exchanged gifts and they were excited
For the trade could bring prosperity
Together they broke bread and toasted the future
To Good life peace and harmony

In Cupers Cove the sun was shining
In Cupers Cove the time was right
In Cupers Cove our history shows us
That our future looks so bright

As the years went by we settled out in Burnt Head
In Greenland and in Rip Raps for awhile
They were hardy fisherman and farmers
They did what they could to survive

For 4 hundred years our ancestor’s have watched us carry on
We got to keep the old ways & traditions
Before they are lost and gone

In Cupers Cove the sun was shining
In Cupers Cove the time was right
In Cupers Cove our history leads us
To a future that looks so bright (Repeat)

Gangee Man

Written By: Shawn Lidster

Gangee Man ©1997 Shawn Lidster

This morning I woke up and smoked a cone
All of a sudden I was no longer alone
Well the sky turned blue and the sun came out
And the birds were singing really loud, oh yea


Oh I like my life like this
Stoned all the time and drunk on the piss
With the Gangee Man

My mind goes back to the playground
Where everybody’s up and were smiling all around
Were all relaxed and calm you see
And everything taste’s like honey
I got the munchies

Chorus twice
Go Gangee Man

Well now I’m feeling really tired
I’m coming down I’m no longer wired
Soon I will fall asleep
Come to the playground and dream with me

Cause oh I like my life like this
Stoned all the time and drunk on the piss
Come with me and I’ll bet you this
We’ll be stoned all the time and drunk on the piss
With the Gangee Man
The Gangee Man
This morning I woke up and smoked a cone


2006 Legends on the Baccalieu Trail

first solo release- On the Baccalieu Trail, Cupers Cove, John Hawe and Carbonear Island all receiving airplay on 560 CHVO,Homebrew 97.5 Fm,Jigs and Reels 94.7 Fm and Radio Newfoundland

2005 Newfoundland Summer's Day re-recorded and released on Homebrew 5

2004 The Sealer's Song re-recorded and released on Homebrew 4

1998 The Ratso Man won song competition in Sydney Australia's Rock Station Triple M. Prize chosen by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen

1995 Lidster's Hill "Swally Dis"