Shawn Lombard

Shawn Lombard


A singer/songer who has been leading worship for the last ten years in the Birmingham, AL area, Shawn just recorded an LP of original songs. His sound is a mix of blues, southern rock, folk, and gospel. Singing with soulful delivery he has often been likened to a Elton John & Michael McDonald.


Connection. At the root of good music is a connection. Spiritual music, which I grew up heavily with, connects a soul to God. Blues, country, folk, rock, etc., these sounds have the potential to connect the hearts of the listeners to new ideas, distant places, and even intimate encounters. To make that connection I believe the performer has to play and sing from deep inside his spirit.

Soul. I'm a soulful singer. I bend notes and moan over lyrics as I sing. I labor to put all of my feelings into every word or sound. I want to project a sense of warmth in singing that engages the listener and actually invites them to participate in singing or dancing.

Modern Sounds. My band enjoys the feeling of a good groove. We mix elements of blues, gospel, rock and country into a uplifting expression of music. The listener's ear feels comfortable with familiar sounds and at the same time, is challenged to explore and visit new places-- a mixture of old and new.

Rock and Roll. I've been influenced by many great singers and many great songs over the years. I love the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jim Croce, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and other legendary performers. I'm also really into U2, Ray Lamontagne, Narls Barkley, Nora Jones, Ryan Adams, DMB and John Mayer.

Innovation. I want to push the envelope. I am always looking for the next great song or sound. In any given concert our band stretches musically to engage invention and explore the limits of our own creativity. What can I say? We like to jam.


Seeing And Feeling (Elevation)

Written By: Shawn Lombard

Seeing and feeling my way back to You
My heart is caught in a sweet perfume
Seeing and feeling my way back to You
Marvelous lights are filling my view

Seeing and feeling my way back to You
My soul is faced with beckoning truth
Seeing and feeling my way back to You
Your Word is fare that I consume

Senses are calmed in the warm expanse
Transcendent streams jump and dance
Thoughts are racing to places higher
Being lifted from the mire

Elevation, Elevation

Seeing and feeling my way back to You
My strength is touched as You renew
Seeing and feeling my way back to You
Angelic sounds enfold the room

Release comes on me while drawing near
Eternity meets me right here
Secrets and shadows are revealed
It’s revelation that I feel

Elevation, Elevation

Deep calling out to deep
Deep calling out to me
Seeing and feeling, trusting and knowing
That there is a God who never sleeps
Over my bed He stands and sings

Not Giving Up On Me Yet

Written By: Shawn Lombard

Your mercy endures forever
As far as the east to west
Your kindness crowns my longing
Not giving up on me yet

You execute bold righteousness
And justice for all oppressed
You satisfy my mouth with good things
Not giving up on me yet
Not giving up on me yet

And I will not forget Your goodness
I will not forget Your ways
You’ve redeemed my life from destruction
I am no longer a slave
Forgiven me of trespasses
Healed these bones of disease
As an eagle lifting to the heavens
Oh God I know I am free

Your compassion is everlasting
Slow to anger and rich in love
You have known me from the beginning
Not giving up on me yet

With all that’s in me
I will bless You
Bless Your holy name

In A Moment

Written By: Shawn Lombard

In a moment stretched out over time I dance
My arms are free as I twirl
Like a bird I lift off from the ground
My heart raises to the sound

I am no longer bound
I am no longer bound

The air around me is new
My face fills so much differently from this view
I breathe the breath a baby breathes when born
My life seems so much simpler than before

I am no longer bound
I am no longer bound

Angels whisk about me as I smile
Praise comes out of me all the while
The throne room before my eyes appears
From laughter my heart is moved to tears

And what I see
Changes me forever
I am free to lift my hands so high
What I see
Hastens my will to stay here
For my destiny is found here
In this moment


Reach For the Door-- LP
(Not on radio)

Set List

Original Material--
Come Into the River Now
Not Giving Up On Me Yet
In A Moment
Thunder On the Mountain
High and Lifted Up
(Our material is a mix of roots rock and modern gospel.)

Set length can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2+ hours. What ever the venue is looking for.