Shawn Mercer and the Boondock Blues Band

Shawn Mercer and the Boondock Blues Band


Our music is a lively blend of original songs; strolling from upbeat blues, through old time country, around something near groovy bluegrass, and back around to fresh heartfelt folk. The live shows are a mix of acoustic and electric sets, and always full of high energy fun. Go to


These songs are all straight from the woods of Maine. We live along the rugged coast and in the hills of Waldo and Hancock county. The music shows the connection to the land, the sea, and the life here in Maine.

I write what I know from the life I've lived, so the music is authentic. The first CD, 'Boondock Blues', is full of true stories and experiences from my life. And just as Mainers are known for their resourcefulness and enginuity... "Ayuh, I'm a lobsterman, carpenter, farmer, and I drive the school bus too..." ... so you will find a variety of sounds in my music. Take a listen, and see for yourself.

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CD: 'Boondock Blues' released Feb. '06
13 original tracks
Songs from this CD have been played on a variety of local radio stations, npr, and even a webcast out of Belgium. All the tracks are available for streaming or purchase online.

Demos: 'Live at WERU' released Dec. '04
some live tracks recorded during my live performances on air at WERU fm Community Radio 89.9 in Orland, ME. when I was performing in a duo called Jeezum Crowe.

Singles: These are songs that could show up on the next full length CD. They were recorded live at the Boondock Shack, our house in N. Orland, ME. They are available for free at myspace.
'Sticky Fingers'

Set List

A typical set list consists of tracks from 'Boondock Blues' mixed in with other unrecorded originals and an occasional cover. We can fill as much as 3 hours with original material. We usually do hour long sets, with breaks in between. Below is a list of original works and some of the covers we pick from:

Song List


1) stroll on *
2) that’s the way *
3) sweet bread *
4) should’ve been gone
5) run off *
6) back roads *
7) meltdown
8) good love *
9) on your own *
10) turn and run *
11) boondock blues *
12) don’t call
13) it overflows
14) grampy captain *
15) throwing it all away
16) the nancy song *
17) tall trees
18) compost song
19) me my mo *
20) sticky fingers
21) push
22) constance
23) floats lightly *
24) blues everyday
25) ebb and flow
26) my life
27) the captain
28) tired of you
29) bad love woman
30) winding way
31) shame shopping
32) we shine
33) in the mountains
34) rolling down rt. 9
35) I wis