I’m Shay I am 15 yrs old. I can’t imagine life without music. I have been singing since before I could speak and writing stories as soon as I could hold a pen. I have merged my two loves, singing and writing, into songwriting. I find a great solace through writing. Simply put, music heals me.


Shay Esposito

Hi, I’m Shay, I am 15 yrs old and live in a small town in northern Alberta. My favorite thing to do is sing. I can’t imagine my life without music. Plain and simply put….. music heals me.

I do listen to all kinds of music but I confess my favorite genre is metal. I sing everything but tend to lean toward music with a more pop/rock or alternative rock influence.

My second love is basketball. I play on my school team and I recently starting working as a referee.


Recorded my first original – How We Were, that I wrote when I was 13.
Performed at Big Valley on the family stage (2012)
1st place Edmonton’s Got Talent (2012)
Top 6 Edmonton Undiscovered (2011)
Local Music Festival Scholarship
Finalist Northern Star Talent Search
Grade 4 Royal Conservatory Certificate (first class honors)

I was singing before I could speak. I would hum to the music on the radio, clearly my own attempt to create music. At the age of 2 I knew all the words to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and at 2 ½ I asked my mom to take me to “Where People Sing”. That was the beginning of my music career.

One of my earlier music instructions said to me “Some people sing because they love to sing but for you, it is something more” Little did I know at the tender age of 8 just how true that statement really was.

Trained early in the classical style I have developed great strength to my voice and with the help of my vocal coach I successfully completed the Royal Conservatory Grade 4 Voice certification, with first class honors at the age of 11!

As my musical abilities improved I began to stretch my repertoire to include some pop and rock music. At the age of 12 I joined up with vocal coach Bernard Quilala (Spotlight Studios). With his help my talent in these genres began to soar. I quickly found my true love of music in these styles.

I have performed in local music festivals and fundraisers for years. This past summer I was invited to sing on the family stage at the Big Valley Jamboree…that was amazing!

I am now entering the world of songwriting, having written my first original “How We Were” at the age of 13. I was lucky enough to be able to record this song last year. I wrote my second original “Toy Soldier” at the age of 14 and have just recently had it recorded with producer Trey Mills.

I am not like other singer songwriters my age. While other teenagers are writing about boyfriends and breakups, I write about events that have a deep meaning to me, like my song Toy Soldier where I discuss my concerns with war. I want to write about things that matter and I hope through this to make my mark in this industry as a singer/songwriter.


Toy Soldier

Written By: Shay Esposito

Toy Soldier
Shay Esposito

I remember when I was young,
Toy soldiers with plastic guns.
Hours spent playing out a hero’s sin,
hours spent wishing it would end.

She stayed up late crying every night,
“Mother, It’s fine, he’ll come home alright,”
She said, “I don’t fear for his living self,
I fear more for his soul in hell,”

You’re just a piece in someone else’s game,
taking lives for someone else’s gain.
But you’re the one that’ll live with that pain,
Toy Soldier, Toy Soldier.

In the fields, the guns they blaze
and with the fumes comes Death’s embrace.
All for what? These guilty hands
turn for blood on broken land.

You’re just a piece in someone else’s game
Taking lives for someone else’s gain
But you’re the one that’ll live with that pain,
Toy Soldier, Toy Soldier.

Without a name in the sand they lay,
a brother, a friend, someone’s everything.

It’s not right. No, it’s not right.

You’re just a piece in someone else’s game,
Taking lives for someone else’s gain
But you’re the one that’ll live with that pain,
Toy Soldier, Toy Soldier.