Shayar & Krooshal Force

Shayar & Krooshal Force


Jamaican singer-songwriter Shayar leads the reggae band Krooshal Force. Shayar’s bands played in Jamaica in the 80s. As a rhythm guitarist, he toured the US & Europe with Burning Spear, the Itals and Anthony B. His original compositions drive Krooshal Force, which he founded in the 80s.


Shayar (Lenval Jarrett) was born in Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica in 1956. He had a natural inclination towards music and his bass-playing father was one of his greatest influences. Shayar began piano lessons in primary school. At age 12, Shayar convinced his father to buy him a guitar. He soon knew music would be his career. In high school, Shayar played in a band that worked the hotel circuit along the north coast of Ocho Rios.

When Shayar was 19, the famous Jamaican producer Jack Ruby introduced him to Burning Spear. For the next several years, Shayar played guitar for Burning Spear on international tours. Over ensuing decades, he also toured with Anthony B, the Itals and other musicians.

When not on tour, Shayar focused on his own original music. In 1984, he moved to Brooklyn, NY and formed Crucial Force. In 1998, Shayar moved to the mountains of Beckley, WV – where the natural beauty is akin to that of Jamaica - and continued with a new iteration of the band, Krooshal Force. Their album, Spiritual Warrior, released in 2006, receives radio play in Europe, and is popular with fans on the band’s local circuit.


Band: Ozone
Album: First Edition Ozone
Label: Independent
1979, Montego Bay, JA

Band: Shayar & Crucial Force
Album: Spread Out
Label: Independent
1987, Brooklyn, NY

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: Show Me The Real Thing
Label: SMG
1996, Brooklyn, NY

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: The King and I
Label: Independent
2003, Beckley, WV

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Label: Unknown Souljah
2004, Wilmington, NC

Shayar also played rhythm guitar on five of Burning Spears studio albums, including
Mek We Dweet, Jah Kingdom and Appointment with His Majesty.

Set List

Sets are an hour to an hour and a half long, and a typical performance includes two sets of mostly original music, with some standard reggae covers, depending on the venue.

A set of original music would include songs such as:
Praise Jah
Booming Ride / Rubber Necking
The King and I
Whole Heap A Things A Gwan
Mend Some Fences Real Thing
Culture In The Dance
Real Thing
Living, Loving