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Nevada City, California, United States | INDIE

Nevada City, California, United States | INDIE
Band Blues


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"Blues, Jazz and a touch of Torchy"

Written by Mike Parker
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

by Shay Dillon
Para-Sight Records

Blues, jazz, and a touch of torchy R&B are the order of the day for this thirteen-song collection by California girl, Shay Dillon. Sultry, smoky vocals that slither and slide over standard blues melodies lift Through the Fire above the vast majority of wannabe club singer projects.

The album opens inauspiciously enough with a predictable sax heavy piano bar ballad, “Happy…Every Day.” Ms. Dillon sounds happy enough as she slips between an intimate, Billie Holiday delivery and a grittier, Janis Joplin vibe on the song. She sounds much more comfortable on the moodier, more emotional “Still Breathing.” She shows off her softer side on the melancholy torch song, “Through the Fire.”

Ms. Dillon’s stab at classic boogie on “Wide Awake” is less successful. Her vocals are simply too pure for this tune which seems to cry out for dirt-road gravel. She gets back on track with the funk-pop number, “Slippin’ Away,” and the faux country track, “Holdin’ On,” with its slightly Bonnie Raitt-ish twange, might be the best cut on the album. “Cry” proves she can hold her own with a classic chick-rock song a la A Band Called Smith, and “Black Crow” establishes her credibility as a belter of good ol’ fashioned Southern Rock.

Shay Dillon is a vocalist of great passion with a wide and diverse stylistic range. If you like a little variety in your cd collection, Through the Fire is good choice. - Written by Mike Parker, BuddyHollywood

"Shay Dillon ~ Through the Fire"

Well, the Bluesbunny has been waiting a long time for this one. For the last few months, we have been tempted by a few sample songs from Shay Dillon's new album "Through the Fire". Her voice has impressed us before and we are glad to report that this is a fine album.

Opening with "Happy Every Day", we did have initial reservations. Veering dangerously close to Ramada Inn jazz in its production, we wondered if the wait had indeed been worthwhile. Fortunately, it was a blip on the radar. The next song "Breathing" was truly compelling. "Wide Awake" treated us to a solid piece of blues on the subject of betrayal. "Holdin' On" is a heartfelt tale of having to share the love of a man. "Black Crows" features some excellent country flavoured guitar. The uptempo "I Been Good" was a highpoint but she saves the best for last with the ballad "Love and Hate". Accompanied by only a piano, her voice just soars. A strong song and proof positive that keeping it simple works. In fact, we would go so far as saying that we have the making of a genuine torch singer here.

So, this is one classy recording. Urbane rather than urban, Ms Dillon shows polish and no small amount of style in her performance. Add in the rather fine songs and you have an album that is indeed worthy of recommendation. Available from her website at - Blues Bunny

"Shay Dillon"

Ahhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhh...Very bluesy, soulful and warm music envelops the heart in the spot now! Shay got some chops for the blues baby! I was totally taken with how nicely she can get in the set and cut it loose. This band is tight and bang on with each and every note. The vocal and musical marriage here is truly incredible. This lady got to be doin' big things in the blues, jazz entertainment venues worldwide. A truly impressive display of talent. Get your hands on their debut release "Through The Fire" now! Ladies find your men, men get your ladies cause the romance is about to get hot up in here...

Standout Tracks: Happy...Every Day, Holdin' On, People Say
Genre: Blues
Sub Genre: Pop -

"Party in Kingston"

Through The Fire
Shay Dillon
Para-Sight Records
I discovered the wonderfully classy Nashville chanteuse Shay Dillon on MySpace and am thrilled that I had my account there long enough to bump into her because she’s one hell of an awesome find! Shay’s debut release Through The Fire is a blues, jazz, R&B and soul collection of expertly crafted, hot blooded songs that are marvelously highlighted by Shay’s sensual, sultry voice. Fans of Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Deanna Johnston and Susan Tedeschi will be immediately drawn to beautiful blonde Shay’s intrinsic style. This self-taught artist made her first appearance on Nashville television at the age of 13. Over the years her influences have ranged from country to gospel to rock and blues and Through The Fire is an excellent composite of them. Shay is the 2006 Music Aid International Award winner for Best Female Solo Artist and will be included on Music Aid’s compilation CD. She is making a name for herself all over Internet radio and could possibly be opening for Sheryl Crow in the not too distant future.

Shay’s band for this album consists of partner Paul Kraushaar contributing all instrumentation, Tim Riley on lead guitar and bass, Craig Palmer on piano, Joe Thayer on bass and Michael Paul sings back-up vocals on a couple of tracks. Shay provides all vocals and most of the back up and has written all of the songs with Paul except for “Slippin’ Away” and “I Been Good” which Tim Riley also contributed to.

Through The Fire opens with the smoky, lovey-dovey jazz ballad “Happy…Every Day” and is followed by a scorching R&B number called “Breathing”. The title song and one of my favourites on the album, “Through The Fire”, is a bluesy torch ditty punctuated by Tim Riley’s guitar solo:

“Join in the melody of lonely souls
in this burning sea…something’s
Bound to set them free…
Or drown them in their own misery…
Beauty from the ashes,
Life from the dust…
We all walk through the fire”

“Wide Awake” is a superlative full-out blues raunch that would make Bonnie Raitt herself proud. Buddy Leach’s skilful baritone and tenor saxophone solos permeate “Wide Awake” and effortlessly make it my favourite track. Buddy also plays sax on another sexy mid-tempo blues lament, “Drink Instead” and by the sixth track, “Slippin’ Away”, Shay confirms her gift as a natural, hip sashaying blues vocalist. A slow, sad mist of heartbreak invades “Holdin’ On”, a song I imagine Billie Holiday would have enjoyed singing and “Cry” is a Southern Fried rock confession featuring Brad Davis’ sizzling slide guitar. “Black Crows” is an Alison Krause-reminiscent country spell caster and “People Say” a Texas style blues/rock ballad. Put your cowboy boots on and get down to “I Been Good”, the best boogie beat shit-kicker on Through The Fire and I for one would like to hear Shay rock out a little harder on her next album. “Maybe Tomorrow” seems just a little out of place as it’s a largely pop-influenced song and the album ends with a similar downer “Love and Hate”, which sounds like something Mariah Carey might sing on a seriously depressed day. Over all though Through The Fire is an exceptional debut that Shay can always be proud of and should pave the way for a lengthy music career.

This 13-track album is worth its weight in loonies and toonies folks so dig deep and order your copy now through Shay’s official website at and stop by and tell her what you think at By the way, note to the Kingston Blues Society: We need to hire this woman for one of our upcoming events!

Christine Bode - Christine Bode

""If you love the blues, baby, this is for you.""

Artist: Shay Dillon

CD: Through the Fire

Home: Nevada City, California

Style: Blues

By Catherine L. Tully

Picture a crowded barroom with a raised stage platform and an extremely talented singer backed by a skilled band. A voice so able that it oohs and ahhs while hitting every note in sight. All that and then some, and you have Shay Dillon. Whether she is purring through the song or belting out a phrase, this lady is a standout.

The band she sings with is the perfect match for her, wrapping their sound around her voice but never stepping over their bounds. The instruments vary, from sax to piano and others, but always the perfect one is chosen for the track. The last track, "Love & Hate," is particularly wonderful. A juxtaposition of strength and softness, much like the emotions themselves.

This CD takes the listener through a variety of emotions and truly represents the title. It doesn't matter if you are listening just for the sound, or if you engage with the lyrics as well. Either way, this is a tremendous singer and an excellent album.

If you love the blues, baby, this is for you. You can hear a range of influences on her style, but this lady claims her own ground and stands on her own merit.


Musically, the "SRV" vibe here is irresistable. This is that smokey barroom blues thang, that gets all the "almost drunks" bobbing their heads and asking for "just one more". The mood here is as above, but add in that the band is hot read that as TIGHT! and you get the good stuff.
The drums and bass work very well together, recorded well, good tones all around, as well as good playing.
The guitar player and sound is just awesome, if I close my eyes I can just see Stevie smilin' that sly grin and rippin' out lick after lick that keeps your jaw perpetually on the floor. Yes, the player here invokes that image, great job.
All of this great backing opens up the floor to a lady with the voice most would sell their souls for, sultry, sexy, seductive doesn't even begin to do it justice, just say this lady's got it all, and even better, she knows how to use it. Very, very good song, good hook, great production. -, Kodajynx

"Sat Me Up!"

I was literally bent over doing something on the floor when this song started, and I had to sit up and listen.

Wow is this track good. Let me ramble for a minute.

The groove/mood is awesome. Great musical mix to nail the mood.

The song has that classic blues feel that I love.

The vocals. While everything else on this track is hot, the vocals are the reason I WILL be adding it to my playlist and checking out your other music. Like a mix between Joss Stone and Donna Summer (and I really do mean that as a compliment).

This is by far one of the best two or three tracks of any genre I've heard on GB.

Great stuff - best of luck. -, dweeks

"This is the blues"

This is the bluesGives me that "Thrill is Gone" vibe. Killer guitars drive this track beautifully and the female vocals are executed flawlessly. She has a killer voice with alot of rich texture and passion. The entire rhythm section has it all the pocket! The production is stylish and professional. The chorus and lyrics are well thought out and well written with a strong hook. The mood makes me tap my foot along to the beat. Only thing missing from this track is a record deal! ...I really dig this track...Keep bringin those great blues songs! -, outlawcountry

"No One Is Sleeping Through This Song!"

No One Is Sleeping Through This Song!
Wow!!! Outstanding Everything! I played this one several times for the sheer enjoyment of it! The vocals are perfect with a slightly raw-edged quality that I love and make this song really stand out! I found the lyrics catchy and worked well in the song. Its easy to tell this was well recorded and produced, everything sounds balanced just right! Not sure who this band sounds like because the singer makes their sound very unique! One of the best songs I've heard in the Blues category!!! -, - CatawbaRecords


September 15, 2010 Latest Release is: "The Skin I'm In"
November 01,2009
Holdin On~ One of 25 finalists for Music City Songwriting Competition and #1 on Noisehead in Country Genre

June 09 - #1 in Blues (People Say), #1 in R&B (Holdin' On) on

June 09- video Holdin' On viewed 14,804 times on

2007 top 500 songs for Billboard Songwriting Contest

Shay one of five top vocalists on July '08 for her single 'Carnival Ride'

"I've Got a Song" single, the song of the month June '08 on

Shay Dillon #3 Blues Artist on

Drink Instead #3, Happy Every Day#4, People Say #5 in Blues on the Charts 5/08

Happy Every Day #4, Drink Instead #7, Slippin' Away #11 in Blues on

Slippin' Away has entered the Production - Mid Tempo Top 10 at Broadjam! 5/27/08

Slippin' Away has entered the Production - Mid Tempo Top 10 at Broadjam! 5/21/08

Slippin' Away has entered the R & B Top 10 at Broadjam! 5/20/08

Slippin' Away has entered the West Top 10 at Broadjam! 3/24/08

Slippin' Away has entered the California Top 10 at Broadjam! 3/20/08

Shay and Paul's version of 'Amazing Grace' released on Goodnight Kiss, 'Alternative Music, Songs of Christian Faith' 2008

"Holdin' On" included on MonsterVox Sampler CD, 2008

"I've Got a Song" Song of the month on June 2008

"Carnival Ride" one of top 5 winners for Singer Universe July 2008

"Drink Instead" wins an honorable mention in the Jazz category for the WestCoast Songwriters Contest 2007

Shay's songs Holdin' On and Happy...Every Day selected to be included in the "Expose Your Muse" compilation cd for Midem 2008.

Shay featured on Comcast for "Profiles" Dec. 2007.

Shay Nominated for the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in the Category of Adult Contemporary/AAA Female Vocal for the song "Holdin' On" 11/06/07.

Shay Dillon Wins the Best International R&B Soul Album "Through the Fire" and Best International R&B Soul Female Artist through the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards.

Slippin' Away has entered the Age 37-50 : 60-90 days ago Top 10 at Broadjam! 12/1/07

Shay Wins 3rd place in the Vision 4 Music International song Contest, 10/07.

Shay's Live Video Performance of Drink Instead to be included on American Video Sept. 2007

"Happy...Every Day" #2 on Blues Charts July- Aug 2007

"Slippin' Away" #9 on Indie-Music R&B charts 6/07/07.

"Happy Every Day" #10 and "Slippin' Away" #17 in R&B on Indie-Music Charts 6/04/07.

"People Say" #11 in Blues, "Slippin' Away" #15 in R&B on Indie-Music charts 5/26/07.

Rated #45 Artist on 5/26/07.

"Happy Every Day #9 in Blues and #26 in Jazz on 5/26/07.

Shay's song "Holdin' On" receives an honorable mention in the 2006 International Narrative Song Competition.

The first cut on the album "Happy Every Day" receives an honorable mention in the Jazz category for the West Coast Songwriters competition 2007.

"Happy...Every Day" Included on Indie for Life Compilation CD May 2007.

Special Appearances for the week of May 11th on KVMR Radio FM.

Featured Artist on "Take 5" Comcast Channel 13

Featured on the Dr. Lou Radio Show with Elwood April, 2007.

Through the Fire LP (Official Debut Release)
March 15, 2007

2006 International Best Female Solo Artist Award
International Music Awards~ Music Aid

'Holdin' On' featured on 2006 Music Aid Compilation CD.

Shmusicmusic 2007 Compilation CD, first slot.

Research Music Compilation CD for 2007, second slot.

"Cry" on the first Internet Charts through in the Blues category 5/20/07.

"Slippin' Away" is #2 on Midnight Special Blues Radio Daily Charts 3-11-07

"Slippin' Away" is number 1 on R&B charts in January through the end of Feb. 2007.

"Holdin' On" reached number 1 on Moozikoo Radio Top 10 on Oct.28,2006.

Slippin' Away, People Say, Let Me Go, On Top 10 Modern Blues, R&B Funk, Alternative Pop charts on for the week of Oct. 28, 2006.

People Say, on Top 10 Blues Chart for



Shay Dillon is an Indie Artist like few others. Her latest CD released in September 2010 is titled "The Skin I'm In". It features 13 new songs that are destined to win many awards. Past awards have included being named:
2007 Best International Female R&B Artist (Toronto Online Music Awards)
2007 Best International R&B Album (Toronto Online Music Awards)
2006 Best International Female Artist (Musicaid)
Top 500 Billboard's Songwriting contest for 2007

Shay's earthy, raw mix of Blues, Soul and R&B and her effortless segues from sweet soulful sounds to a powerful earth shaking belt are evidence of the command Shay has over her craft. The songs Shay sings move you.

Her Debut Album Release "Through the Fire", has garnered several International awards, International airplay, licensing and several songs from the album have been included on various International and National compilation CD's.

There are multitudes of independent musicians vying for a niche in today's new music paradigm but Shay's unique sound and artistry pulls her above the noise to her own place in the world of Indie.