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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Guardian"

“ There are discernible differences between the three, but there are also strong similarities. And the desire to explore those similarities has resulted in the creation of what could potentially be one of the most interesting acts to surface in Canada this year “. - Charlottetown, PEI

"The Vancouver Sun"

“ This power-vocal trio delivers it, the song resonates with the same emotional dynamic as grieving ---anger, sorrow and foggy euphoria ”. - Vancouver, BC

"Toronto Sun"

“ firecrakers Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean have pooled their considerable talents for a new band called Shaye ”. - Toronto, ON

"The Daily News"

“ Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean are three of Atlantic Canada's formidable songwriting and singing talents....together as Shaye they're creating magic “.
The Daily News
- Halifax, NS

"Victoria News"

“ Rarely do music listeners hear the product of three talented individual singer – songwriters coming together to form one act “.

- Victoria, BC

"Cape Breton Post"

“ the powerhouse trio Shaye, made up of noted soloists Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean wowed the audience with their vocal harmonies as well as their stage presence.
Cape Breton Post
- Cape Breton, NS

"The Toronto Sun"

“ Whether trying to rock out on tracks like “ On & On “ or attempting to evoke the musical landscape from which they were born on “ How The West Was Won”, Shaye proved to be a band Canadians should listen for “.
- Toronto, ON

"The Newfoundland Telegram"

“ Stars in their own right, they've come together as friends and amazing artists to release an album of their collective work “.
- St. John's, NL

"Timmons Daily Report"

“ the album has a striking and emotion-charged ambience that begs for repeated listens ”.
- Timmons, ON

"The Chronicle Herald"

“ The combination of Stockwood's giddy humanism, MacLean's questing spirit and Doyle's dark and dreamy side makes for such a multi-faceted songbook, you wonder why they didn't get together sooner “.

- Halifax, NS


(2007) Lake of Fire, EMI Music Canada
(2003) The Bridge. EMI Music Canada



The Rat Pack had it; Shaye does too - absolute magic when they perform together.

When you're onto something as magical and beautiful as Shaye, where true personalities and warmth intermix with an innate knack for entertaining and almost divine vocal connection, then you run with it.

Their voices sound gorgeous together, whether harmonizing or taking the lead - Dav's with its sexy rock quality and Kim's with its raspy, country feel. But it's how they perform that has enthralled audiences from coast-to-coast. Funny as all hell, they are a refreshing combination of old fashioned values and contemporary chutzpah.

With their 2003 harmony-driven pop debut, The Bridge, close friends Kim Stockwood, Tara MacLean and Damhnait Doyle parlayed their gorgeous vocal blend and outgoing personalities into one of this country's best stage shows, where outstanding, emotional songs are interspersed with ad-libbed quips and witty commentary. With the follow-up, Lake of Fire, the three blossomed even further, co-writing the majority of the songs and displaying stunning harmonies and leads.

Lake of Fire still runs the gamut of emotions from fun defiance on the first single "Lake of Fire" to girl-power assertiveness on their kiss-your-mother reworking of the Waterboys' "We Will Not Be Lovers" and a rockin' fervency on "You're Not Alone." There's an enticing invitation on the sultry "Stay" and an homage to their East Coast heritage on Patty Griffin's "We Are Water." They also wrote a touching a cappella number about love, loyalty and faith called "Ocean of Sorrows" and the equally touching "Star," a special tribute to Tara's late sister, Shaye, who now shines brightly as the inspiration and namesake for the group.

"We had never even sung together when we made the first record, so we didn't even know if it would work," says Tara. "We all had our things going on. We had no pressure. We were just going to have some fun. But when my sister died, everything changed and all of a sudden the record became something that was keeping me going.

" The girls helped me to stay afloat and sort of became my sisters. So the thing that started as a side-project became really central to my life. I don't know what I would have done without it."

Headstrong, feisty and funny, all three proudly hail from the East Coast - Kim and Damhnait (aka Dav) from Newfoundland and Tara from PEI - but they chose Toronto as their home base long before Shaye, all pursuing solo careers.

So after honing their sound onstage for three years, Shaye came together for album number two with a new set of skills. As three independent songwriters - Kim with two solo albums, Dav with three, and Tara with two - they felt more comfortable as a group now. They did co-write on The Bridge, and knew they were onto something when their single "Happy Baby" garnered a SOCAN award, a prestigious Juno nomination and a Canadian Radio Music Award, but with this album, writing for Shaye was instinctive. They now knew what worked best.

"The three of us are really different songwriters," says Dav. "Kim is the hook-meister. She's got a really keen ear for hooks and things that will sound good on the radio and Tara's music is more esoteric and ethereal and descriptive. I don't know what my writing style is. I'm very much nose to the grindstone. I'm the one who is pushing the situation a little bit."

Kim steps in with her own description of Damhnait, calling her a fearless writer. "She a brilliant poet and a strong musician and also has this way of being able to see the bigger picture of a song."

Leading up to the new album, Shaye wrote with a variety of people, including Ron Sexsmith ("the poor guy will never be the same," quips Kim), and Gordie Sampson, who helped make "Star" the beautiful tribute that it is. The girls also decided to cover Sexsmith's "Someway, Somehow," instead of one of their co-writes. They also did a lot of writing with their producer Jay Joyce (Patty Griffi