Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

In your face, sometimes emotional, Shayliff leaves the door open for any form of rock 'n roll.


This is the true story of four high school friends, two of whom once shared a womb, who came together in Shreveport, La. to be in a band and find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start writing kick-ass music.

SHAYLIFF started out with its lead singer, Shay Bailiff (we know – the band name is awesome), being inspired to learn Korean so he could better communicate with the exchange students at his school. He learned it so well he posted songs in said language on YouTube and was discovered by Korean Simon Cowell something or other. He then MOVED to Korea (SOUTH, not North! i.e., he returned) and had a successful stint as an overseas pop star. 

He came back. He started a band. That band has now released two EPs, two full-length albums, and has opened up for Moon Taxi, The Fray, 3oh!3, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, among others.

Shayliff is now at work on their next album with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak (Matt Kearney, The Weeks), of Nashville's Smokestack Studio.


SHAY BAILIFF: lead vocals, guitar. Still fluent in Korean. Likes puppies. Wears many hats. Not metaphorically. Seriously, you should see his hat collection. 

GRAYSON BAILIFF: drums. Adept at smoking a cigarette and looking cool while playing said drums. Into muscle shirts. Or, more to the point, muscle shirts are into him. Will sign t-shirts and CDs for free if you spontaneously compliment his bartending skills. (Just do it.)

MICHEAL BROWN: lead guitar. Star Wars geek. Geek being short for aficionado. Makes a mean red beans and rice dish. Shares a love of Power Rangers with the bass player. We probably weren’t supposed to reveal that.

JACOB McGARRY: bass. The Quiet One. Unless you buy him shots. Then, not so quiet. Once completed p90x. We haven’t heard the end of it since. That was three years ago


Here We Are - 2011

Why Don't You Like Me - 2014

Red Leather Jacket (Single) - 2014

Ride (Single) - 2015