Michi Lynn Guess

Michi Lynn Guess

 Mantachie, Mississippi, USA

Probably the FIRST country singing, redneck talking, ASIAN-country girl you've ever met - Michi Lynn Guess has been singing since she was 4 years old. She cut her very first gospel album with Tom T. Hall when she was 6 and never looked back - do yourself a favor and enjoy this 4'10'' powerhouse!


Michi's story is heart-wrenching but inspiring. At 2 she was placed in a Korean orphanage, adopted by an American Air Force Soldier and his Japanese wife; lost her dad at 4 and was sent to the U.S. to live with her grandmother. She learned to speak English singing Southern Gospel and church hymnals. When she was 6 years old recorded her very first LP with Tom T. Hall. She has traveled and sang every weekend since she was 6 years old. At 16 years old her grandmother died leaving her and her 13 year old brother to be separated. She maintained her spiritual life and sang gospel music and it shows by the passion in her tone. 1999 brought about another challenge in her life when she found out that she wasn't a citizen and a battle that lasted until 2008 to clear her from being deported back to Korea. Shay & Michi traveled to Japan in 2009 to visit Michi's mom after having not seen her in 30 years.

Michi's musical influences are the Judd's even though Michi started singing before they were famous she often states that something about them changed her. Michi's talent relates to that of both Naomi and Wynona rolled into one package.

Michi is married to singer/songwriter Shay Guess who wrote a winning song for the 8th annual Songwriters festival in Nashville. The couple are amazing together but Michi clearly shines brighter when taking the lyrics and melodies supplied by Shay - their marriage is truly a work of art.


There Was A Song

Written By: S. Guess

There was a time; that I thought I knew it all. There was a time that I thought I could not fall. You were there with me, when I tried to walk on the sea.

There was a place that I kept you from the start. There was no place for you in my heart. Then you showed me things, in my life I had to erase.

You are my Lord
You are my King
Without You I'd be locked away without a key.
All my dreams were shattered and all my hopes were gone.
There was a time and place, there was a song.

There was a song and you gave me the words. There was a song unlike I'd ever heard. Then you said to me all I'd have to do is believe.

They Think I'm Strong

Written By: Shay Guess

Somewhere tonight someone sleeps tight
They don't know the struggles I face.
But in the day they see my faith and they wonder why everything seems right.
They don't know how I do what I do; they don't know that I have you.

They think I'm strong
How could anyone bear this pain for so long.
Night and day I pray and pray cause I know the answer's on its way
They think I am strong - the truth is I'm not alone.

What looks like fear in my eyes doesn't mean the fights not there.
I know that I'm in your care and I know I don't have more than I can bear.
Every day you walk with me and every step of the way you give me strength.



Set List

Mostly original material but often cover tunes.

fun music but filled with hope!