Shay & Michi Guess

Shay & Michi Guess


Inspirational and encouraging - Shay & Michi Guess along with their team invites the presence of God into each meeting...they dare to be different and break the mold when it comes to worship!


Shay & Michi began singing together when they were 15 years old. They have traveled the eastern U. S. and parts of Canada leading worship and singing songs of hope and endurance. Michi's story is heart-wrenching but inspiring. At 2 she was placed in a Korean orphanage, adopted by an American Air Force Soldier and his Japanese wife; lost her dad at 4 and was sent to the U.S. to live with her grandmother. At 16 years old her grandmother died leaving her and her 13 year old brother to be separated. She maintained her spiritual life and sang gospel music and it shows by the passion in her tone. 1999 brought about another challenge in her life when she found out that she wasn't a citizen and a battle that lasted until 2008 to clear her from being deported back to Korea. Shay & Michi traveled to Japan in 2009 to visit Michi's mom after having not seen her in 30 years.

Shay has become a compassionate lyricist in his own right. He has been writing songs of inspiration, hope, love and worship since he was 14 years old. His ambition is to take his faith and write songs in such a way to bring hope and encouragement that crosses genres on all levels.

Together Shay & Michi are teamed with a company of singers and musicians that share the same vision and passion for music that changes hearts. Richard and Derrick have both worked in foreign missions and have a heart to people of all walks of life.


Earnest Expectation- 2008 (a compilation of spontaneous worship songs)

There Was a Song - 2009 (songs of praise and worship, and love songs)

Set List

Mostly original material but often cover tunes by: Rita Springer, Eddie James, Lindell Cooley and others.