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"Musician hopes to raise tuition cash with concert"

Although Bert Church Theatre's season doesn't officially start until October, Airdrie residents still have a chance to take in a concert this month.

Former Airdronian Shayne Franzman, 21, will be performing at Bert Church Theatre Aug. 26 in the hopes of raising some money to attend school.

Franzman, a Bert Church High School graduate, is a self-taught singer/songwriter. He plans to attend the Academy Production of Recording Arts in Calgary in March and is hoping to use the money raised fromis concert to pay some of his tuition.

Although Franzman wants to be a singer, he said there will be a lot of value in learning about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing an album.

"The more I know about what I'm doing before I go into it, I think the better quality and the better prepared I am," he said.

Franzman said his music encompasses a variety of genres, and he described it as "acoustic and passionate."

Franzman's show, titled Project Identity: The Storm Before the Calm, will run from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will include 22 original songs.

"It's pretty much just me drawing on events that have happened in my past, and trying to shape who I want to become from that," Franzman said.

Franzman recently won a music contest that allowed him to professionally record a song for a compilation CD. The CD will be released next year.

"When I went to record that, and they started telling me I was good, I started believing in myself a little more," he said. "It made me kind of take myself a little bit more seriously."

Franzman also plans to try out for Canada's Got Talent, which will be holding auditions in Edmonton in September.

Franzman will be selling two self-recorded CDs for $10 each, as well as T-shirts for $25 and lyric booklets for $5 at the concert.

Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door. For those who want to buy their tickets in advance, they are available at Kimmer convenience store, located on Veterans Boulevard. They can also be purchased by contacting Franzman through the event's Facebook page.

The event is titled Project Identity: The Storm Before the Calm Acoustic Live Concert. - Marie Pollock/Echo Reporter

"Local musician to hold first live concert at Bert Church"

Twenty-one-year-old Shayne Franzman, from Airdrie, is holding his first live acoustic performance Aug. 26 at the Bert Church Theatre.

Franzman, who first started playing the drums at 15, picked up a guitar at 17 and hasn’t looked back.

Using songs that he has written, and some covers he found online, he is a self-taught acoustic guitarist.

“I first started picking, I couldn’t even fathom strumming,” Franzman said. “I looked up some cover songs on the computer, and to this day, I don’t really know what chords I am playing.”

Franzman has released two CD’s, which will be played during his two-and-a-half hour concert. He hopes to learn more about the recording side of the business after visiting a production studio and enquiring about the cost of professionally releasing another album.

Franzman grew up listening to everything from the Backstreet Boys and Shania Twain to Blink 182 and System of a Down.

“I really hate the genre question,” said Franzman. “The first half of the concert will be a lot of love songs, the second half will be more rocky acoustics.”

Tickets for the 6 p.m. concert at Bert Church Theatre Aug. 26, are $10 at the door. they are also available at Kimmer’s convienience store.

The concert is scheduled to run until 8:30 p.m. and will have an intermission half way through.

“If you enjoy music, and want to listen to some good tunes, it is cheaper than a movie ticket,” Franzman said.

For more information, visit Facebook and search Project Identity: The Storm Before The Calm Acoustic Live Concert. - Covy Moore | Airdrie City View


The New Black Centre/Ship And Anchor Pub Present: Singer and Songwriter Compilation 2010-2011 - Track 06 'My Favorite Mistake'

No records professionally recorded. However I have independently recorded 2 Acoustic Demo CDs and sold 90 copies to fans who appeared at my concert in Aug 2011 (I had limited amounts of copies)



Born and raised in the Calgary area I was an only child who always found it difficult to establish social relationships with my peers. From an early age I've had a vivid imagination and would escape into a daydream whenever I felt alone, scared, unloved, etc.

At around 8 years old I was molested by gunpoint and threatened into silence. This would eventually cause me to dissociate quite often and live vicariously through the characters I would imagine. At 15 I first picked up a set of drumsticks and for the first time felt passion for something as opposed to numbness, however my negative self image or self-esteem convinced me I would never allow myself to succeed in anything I tried. Subsequently, I attempted suicide in a field with a bottle of gin and some aspirin (not to mention any specific brands).

Luckily my attempt was unsuccessful and I happened to remember parts of the dream I was having while unconscious. At 17 I bought a guitar and began putting my journal entries and random lyrics found among them together to tell my story through music. With today's world seeing so much sexual abuse and mental health issues I hope it will inspire others not to live in silence or suffocate their aspirations, and I would like to find a solution to these maladies.

Though I haven't been promoting my music in the last year, I now have 46 songs on 3 Cds (not professionally recorded) with a written outline for scenes/dialogue to interweave in between the songs in a Shakespearean style project I've called Project Identity. It explains what I can remember (consciously as well as from dissociation) from 8 years old to today in my journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and eventually trusting and loving others to be able to form healthy relationships.

Talent wise I've had no lessons (though I've signed up recently to improve my performance for CMF!) and little music theory knowledge. But I am learning and am excited to begin writing new music after coming to terms with my past. I'm hopeful to become part of a team and I hope you will enjoy what you hear in Project Identity.