shayne rushton

shayne rushton


Whenever I play my songs for people, they get ineterested. I'm not talking a pat on the back and and atta boy, I'm talking about noticeably stopping and paying attention. It's no just my songs, it's also the soul that shines through. People need to hear my music and see me play. It's an experience!!


For me, there has never been anything else. I didn't find music, it found me and it continues to find me. Writing songs isn't just about making it sound good, it's about relating your experience to others and allowing them to take ownership of your experience and develop a connection to you.

To feel connected to people through my music is what I have always strived for. In my live shows, there is a magic that flows forth as the room quiets and listens, I sense a deep understanding and deep connection with my audience. This is my calling.

My invovlement in music goes beyond just my own songs in that I have two other collaborative efforts. One band is known as Someday and the other is known as Seven Mile Ride. Each offers a different genre of music from soulful ballad rock to hard rock. Links: and

Now, I await a call from someone that sees my vision and wishes to bring it to the world, either through me or thorugh a recording artist who wished to sing my songs.


My Ego -
Sweeter -
Soundclick Chart toppers:
Sometimes - #31 Acoustic Rock Genre of total 15,756 songs
My Ego - #76 Acoustic Rock Genre of total 15,756 songs
At Home - #79 Acoustic Rock Genre of total 15,756 songs
Sweeter - #93 Country-Pop Genre of total 4,043
All songs reached chart position with no promotional efforts.

Set List

My set list consists of ballads. I have 20 full songs and many more on the way. I can cover about two hours of music